[Poll] Empire Wars or Deathmatch?

Which one do you like better?
  • Empire Wars
  • Deathmatch

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Why am I the only one here who likes Deathmatch?

Deathmatch seems to just spam units and hope to win (yes, i know this is a too simplified thought), it fully neglict the full phases of the game.

EW just start when the actions really starts. The dark age feels like the most boring part of the game to me (just too repeatative for me). So a feudal age start seems great. I am looking forward to the ranked EW queue. I hope it will meet my expectation.

Note: in my opinion EW could be a third game mode in ranked, so i would have added EW to ranked, instead of replacing DM.

I was already posting my reply :slight_smile:

I hate the Feudal age and the Castle age but I love the late-game which is why I like Deathmatch.

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I like the Dark age, the fact that it’s boring is what I like about it, I’m really scared of being raided. And Feudal fighting is even scarier, a band of scouts rushing in and hurting my villagers scares me to death.

I love my villagers.

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I have a divided answer.
1v1 - EW.
TG - DM.

Honestly I don’t even know if people actually like EW TG. If I remember correctly, so far only one TG EW tournament has been hosted and it was not that popular.

No need to create this false dilemma… what answer would you expect? They could have both existed as a ranked queue.

I just created this poll to see what people like, it is not in any way related to the ranked queue change.

If you don’t know how to play DM, and your opponent does, or even if he/she is a little better than you, then the game is over in 5 mins. EW is much more forgiving. That’s probably the main reason why EW is far more popular

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I think it’s obvious which one would be vastly more popular and this can only be interpreted as a justification to their decision.

Personally I don’t like EW, it feels like a rushed and simplified version of RM. I do not find darkage boring at all and I thoroughly enjoy the buildup it creates. Actually it passes very fast, before I know it I’m making the barracks or clicking up. The more I play the more I understand how to adapt to civs in darkage. Also a lot of scouting is done, I’m not even sure if there is time to scout in EW if the enemy rush arrives at min3. For these reasons I will probably never play EW and I don’t like the sentiment that we should adapt the game in such a manner for esport viewers. I can see EW becoming a problem if tournament hosts start noticing higher viewer numbers which they want to chase, which would force the competitive scene to follow. In this case we are simplifying the game to please short attention spans of casual viewers. Also I find it rather hypocritical that they do not respect map preferences in MM and remove DM in order to not increase queue times for certain maps, however they have no issue pushing their own EW mode which will have a significant impact.


Definitely DM. At least DM is just outright radically different, but it is well established and very interesting to watch. EW is just a weird way to skip early game and results in weird, messed up balance.


Well, tbh DM is so unbalanced that the standard is to play mirror match-ups.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if it will be standard for EW aswell

EW is more balanced then DM is, but there are some obvious glaring issues, like Lithuanian extra food, and Vikings free wheelbarrow. also as a good example - how would it handle Burgundians? do they already have the eco techs researched? that would be a big problem.

Both of them are meh mods and they will never be better than the normal random one.

I think the main issue of EW is that a lot of interesting civs for RM, such as Japanese, Mongols, Malay, Goths, are completely useless for EW. It’s also a very snowbally game mode, so it’s very hard to get past early disadvantages; on RM I always feel I have a chance even with weak civs, so I’m 100% comfortable going random, I highly doubt that it’s gonna be the same on EW. Archer-cav balance is quite messed up aswell since archers are way better in EW, except on super open maps.

That said I don’t think random will be an interesting option for EW, and if that is going to be proved correct the only way to play different civs than Ethiopians and Vikings while have an interesting game is going mirror.

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Probably none of those options, ever since voobly or HD, DM has had really low numbers, there is no justification to keep that game mode ranked while there are game modes more active with more players for example the CBA community, voobly had ranked lobbies for it and it was very very active even on the hd.

Lets see how it goes for EW.