Poll: Esports

  • I watch tournaments, big or small, all the time
  • I occasionally watch the big tournaments
  • I don’t watch tournaments, but I’m not against the Esports scene
  • I don’t watch tournaments and I dont think Esports should be included

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I know there are some pretty varied opinions on this topic and how people feel the focus should or should not be, etc. But I’m curious on the relative numbers of those opinions.

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Interesting results so far.

I would have expected the no to Esports to be higher considering the view on this forum about them.

I’ts a small sample but considering the average users on threads on this forum is around 20 its a good enough sample.

It shows people do have interest in tournaments. And those that don’t, have nothing against E-Sports.

Even the number that watch tournaments it’s not small in a way.

  • If we take the data of 4-5K players on steam and an average of 2-2.5K watchers on Twitch tournaments and if we include youtube viewers we see that more than half the playerbase like to watch tournaments.

I for example like E-Sports. I watch not only Aoe 4 Tournaments but other tournaments as well, like SC2 Dota 2 …

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I think theres around 70k monthly players.

Stats on twitch, yt are around 25k views

Esports are good for the game, free advertising, people like having the fav players they support like in normal sport games and its good way to learn strats from the pro’s


Could make a POLL on EGGTV channel during RB to get “better” results.
99% even did not know about the forum. But these who knows also know about twich.