POLL for Next DLC

Now that the first expansion is announced with the Ottman empire and Malians. What should be in the next DLC? The options that I have given are below.

  • Byzantine Empire/ERE
  • some other civ

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Other civ, THE TEUTONS!!!

Not including Byzantines paired with Ottomans supported by a new Grand campaign where you could go from early era of Constantinopole (even with unique units such a Varangian guard —> awake Vikings/Northman hype)
all the way up to its fall …

Was big missed opurtunity and literally everybody is in mode like: We got a new civ oh very nice … BUT … but … who asked for Malians? So yeah … this approach would deffinetly bring more players back but again … its Relic commercial fault and they will probably (I hope at least) add Byzantines with next DLC


if you ask me, they should add South East Asian Civs. (Khmer, Burma, Majapahit)

Alternativly, American civs. (Purépecha Empire, Aztec Empire, Mayan Empire, Inca Empire)

Why? Because they would potentially add new game features on how to play and be quite assymetric, especially the american ones.

Both the South East asian and the Americans way of warfare was vastly different than those of Middle-east, Europe and Asia, that fought in a more “conventional” way.

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I agree but we should agree that such a civs should be on bottom of their priority list … literally nobody (expect a few) is interested in some Khmer or Burmes in compare with Byzanties … commercial aspect is in another dimension with Byzantines as well … not to mention game itself how is oriented)

And am gonna ask you … how u wanna balance them? Civ aviable only for some custom games? Or how do u wanna balance civ without basics technologies like wheelbarrow, keeps, or even Imperial age itself?

Entire Inca 16m population state was conquered by 168 man …

There is no way to balance this … simply not … in 1v1s without a single chance and such a civs without late-game potential would be useless in teamgames as well …

Yes maybe in far far far future (5-10 years) they might add such a civilisations with campaigns for single-player enjoyers … but right now? Complete non-sense …

They should deffinetly focus on most-wanted civs from now on … Japanesse, Byzantines, Nortman (Vikins), Spanish, Italians and so on …

Best approach would be of course to ask players with some ammount of played games directly in game with some point system.

Whos opinion is more important? Of a player with 3k games played or of a player who played 50 games around 700 elo?

So yeah thats my thoughts … I know u will dont agree with me but try to think about it from both competetive and commercial aspect

There are many way to balance them. A Parallel to these would be the Malian empire, which is getting added.
They are also a Civ that never went into Gunpowder historically. While they certainly had advanced metallurgy.
They are going to be a Civ without any Heavy-units, no MaA, no knights/lancers.

One way for balancing the Native American civs would be use of Boons and buffs.
Human Sacrefice was a big thing in Aztec and Mayan culture. Why not play on that? Add a Temple / Priest, any kills you get with your military units, gains you a “Sacrefice” resource, this resource can be in turn used to grant global or local boons. such as 25% more damage, armor, damage, unique specialized units etc.

The Inca Empire didn’t get conquered by 168 man alone, While they certainly manage to catch the newly crowned Inca emperor who just came out from a 4 year long civil war within the Inca empire, crush his unprepared army in what can’t be describe anymore than a Trap.
The Inca resistance lasted far into the 17th century.
Francisco Pizarro only copied Cortéz’s recipe on conquest.

They used the local tribes to support them. The 168 man, were just the spaniards, supported by thousands of other Native american tribes on bad terms with Incas, which where plentifull and easy to find, consider the newly fought Civil War, the previous emperor just had won.

If we were to purely listen to the mass of players on what Civ’s to add next.
we most likely would never see Mali empire or many of the African empires.
Not because people wouldn’t like them, but because they aren’t simply known well enough in common history.

Pretty much everyone and their mothers know Byzantine History.

But I am far more fan of the Game Franchise trying to promote more non-mainstream history, such as the Native americans, Africans and South East Asia, as well as India.

While the Byzantine empire is just Meh for me.
I personally would want them to Priotise adding the Norse Civs, (Denmark-Norway), or the Spanish or the Portuguese.

But for the sake of more diverse gameplay and giving lesser known history more exposure, i’d vouch for the other.

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Of course, I want the Byzantines, but I would also like Native Americans, but I don’t see how they could balance Them. Ladders would be the only historical siege that could be used against walls. On top of that, there’s no Cavalry or gunpowder and no other siege weapons to my knowledge.

Your sacrifice idea would be more or less historically accurate to the Aztecs, but I don’t know about the Incas. From what I know, they tried to take prisoners for Sacrifice. So if they add sacrifice your idea would be the best way to my knowledge. Also, sacrifice is hard to justify, and I wouldn’t play them if it’s clearly sacrificing the enemy. A bounty-type System would work I think.

The Inca empire only really lived in gorilla warfare shortly after the Spanish started the fight from my memory. This could be a cool civ idea If they make it so that the Inca are hard to kill. Such as special landmark buildings that can be scattered around the map.

I was not saying add Byzantines then add no new civ’s, but for the next DLC. I’m not mad about the Mali empire being added, but don’t only add civ that few people really want. Plus the Ottomans are a civ that a lot of vocal people wanted. Because everyone and their mom know about the Byzantines, that is a good reason to add them.

I am fine with most other civs that they may add, but first, I’d love to see the Byzantines added, maybe with a lesser know civ, and I’d love to see the new world if they can get it working.

Plus the Byzantines are quite unique, and you can’t just give fire ships to every civ (like in AOE 2, and very few countries actually had them at this time) and few civ’s had great walls or the only real tie with the Roman Empire.

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