[poll] How hyped are you for AoMR?

The Polish price of the game (in polish złoty) is terribly high and even the standard edition is higher than the price of the fresh hit Manor Lords.

Let’s remember that this is a remake of an over 20-year-old game, not a completely new game. Moreover, the standard edition does not have the Chinese civ, which should be treated as cut content from the game - so the Premium Edition is the full version of the game because it contains all the old content + something new (probably Aztec civ).

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For me I’m more excited with the recent announcements. The pricing is the same MSRP as AoM: EE (looking at USD), with the difference being DLC 1 (All new chinese pantheon) is $15 USD while the EE chinese civ is $10 USD. Without knowing what is actually in DLC 1 it’s hard to tell if that difference is warranted. But from all appearances the base game will have all of the original content.

I’m not particularly a fan of adding gameplay through paid content, but the premium edition ends up being $20 USD extra for content that would normally cost $42 USD… the early access is just extra incentive. I was planning on getting all of the DLC anyways so it seemed like a steal to me.

I had not thought about regional pricing, currency conversion rate, or the difference between average income. I’m still excited for the release, but these conversations are eye opening. A lot of what people take issue with has a much different context to me now.

Minimal I agree, but still there.
Aoe3DE was a disaster right on release.
MASSIVE technical difficulties, bugs and the game kept crashing and lagging HARD for the first months.
The first christmas after release the game was actually nice and playable, I loved it.
Also Swedes and Inca were op early on, SUPER op.
After a few months they were adjusted kinda well.

Unfortunately the devs started spamming more civs into the game, spamming OP content and more and more hilarious things very soon and heavily broke the game.
Then all the playerbase left.

Sad story, hoping for aom, this won’t happen again…

Well, I am aware of the issues at release and it wouldn’t surprise me if Retold will have similar issues.

Playerbase for AoE 3 DE stayed the same after a initial hype around launch, I don’t see a point where “all the playerbase left”:

That’s interesting.
Then how come that when I (1-2y ago) tried to find 2v2 matches with my friend (after the 2 of us having a long break in the game, due to raging to the OP combination of inca pike + abus timing push, when it was SICK OP), almost couldn’t find a match in ~1700-1800 elo range?
90% of the time we got some lowies of 1000-1500 elo and completely stomped them without them having a single chance or we got some 2000+ elo people, who just outclassed us again.
Not knowing all the hilarious changes, 1 million civs and 3 billion new mercenary options and civs changes didn’t make it easier.
Queue times were painfully long as well.
I do very honestly consider that game DEAD.

Back to the topic:
Hopefully aom has an amazing launch and won’t be another of Microsoft’s recent cash grabs and micro transaction milk cows, which get almost zero support, no communication, no roadmap and barely and patches (balance/QOL features/technical improvements) per year.
My hopes are very low, but not entirely shattered YET.
Microsoft being Microsoft, I do expect them to release another game in beta-state, charging full price and then pretty much abandoning it with absolutely minimal support, while trying to keep people’s hopes for further support high, in order to juice out some more money with more expensive DLCs while barely supporting the game and not even fixing year-old bugs and technical issues, leaving the game without crucial QOL features forever.

I actually did swear to myself, to never again invest a single Cent into any game Microsoft publishes, just because we as the fans got f***** over so many times now and we keep getting milked promises are being broken again and again.
But well, if they finally DO deliver MASSIVELY with aom ON RELEASE (not 2 years after), I might consider changing my opinion.

Let’s hope they are aware too and they learned from their mistakes.

They are also using an engine they have a lot more experience with now.
AoMR uses the same engine as AoE3DE.

And said engine already has 4 years of polish.

1.7 - 1.8k Elo is like Top 1% of all players. You start getting similar matchmaking issues at that Elo in AoE 2 despite the larger playerbase.

I hope so as well. Retold being the first Age release having this Early Access model with its Premium edition makes me a bit doubtful.

I doubt tho that this will happen, considering Retold’s Standard Edition is charged at 29,99 € (at least here in Germany, I assume a similar USD price).

Not my favorite of the Age franchise, but I like it!
Yes I’m hyped for AOM Retold!

Personnellement j’ai hâte d’y jouer, j’adore jouer sur des maps procédurales, cela m’occupera bien et si c’est mieux fait que 3 “DE” tant mieux, j’espère juste qu’il aura un meilleur suivis que ce dernier hélas.

Yes, it is best to wait for the game to come out and buy it for Christmas, when the problems it had (OPs civs, performance and game crashes as happened with AoE 3 DE for example) are already fixed…

I wouldn’t relax so much…there is always a 1% chance that something won’t go well…

Yes, we have to see how that goes…

Yes, that’s why… you leave the regional prices and the game is very expensive for A or B…

DLC 1 would be Tale of the Dragon reworked…DLC 2 is a new dlc…

Yes, it is a complex issue…in LATAM salaries generally work because they also do not have inflation tied to them…this is not the case in Argentina and not to mention Venezuela, where they earn 2 USD per month…

Yes, competitive AoE 3 is complicated, so you only have to play casually…

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Personally I can’t wait to play it, I love playing on procedural maps, it will keep me busy and if it’s better done than 3 “DE” so much the better, I just hope it will have a better follow-up than the latter alas.

Yes, we have to see how they handle it… at least Retold will be in the RBW, so at least it should be balanced and ready to be played…

Oops, you did it again =( lol

I can’t understand those who consider waiting, honestly.
Just love and waited for this game too much longer.
For me it’s just “shut up and take my money”

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My best “Age of” series yet.

I think there is enough information to know if it is a bad game. It doesn’t seem like it at all.

Prevention is always better than cure, one cautious man is worth two… the game is not going anywhere, better to see how everything turns out and then buy it…

I have seen gameplay and it seems that the game is powerful…