POLL: Is it time for new civs?

dios… quien rayos estuvo al mando del proyecto? no se puede llegar a hacer eso a mitad de desarrollo, entonces que clase de age of empires 4 estaban haciendo al inicio?

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I feel like this question needs to be revisited after this new patch. Personally, I think the devs should hold off until the game is in mint condition so that when they create excitement with the new civs, returning players will have nothing to complain about. Kinda like a grand opening of the game. However, this new patch knocked a lot out (color picker, camera range, hotkey mapping, global queue, map down votes, etc). My favorite thing is that I can see the map after the round is over, but that might have been a previous patch.

If they bring new civ as free for MP then I would have no issues, but if they make it such way that I have to buy DLC to play new civ on MP including some campaign etc. I would probably just skip it and not buy.

Regardless of the state of the game.

It is always time for a new Civ.

I am still waiting for:

And many many more.


Problem is they need to monetize new releases somehow.

  • So a DLC will be with a price tag.
  • I don’t think the civs will not be free for multiplayer. this move can create alot of problems especially if one or 2 new civs end up lets say unballanced (impossible not to).

But they might test waters with a DLC with singleplayer for some of the remaining civs (Abbasid, Delhi, HRE, Chinese). See how those sell and then decide what to do next.

Aoe 2 if i’m not mistaken has released a 10 euro DLC. I wander what model did they use.

Like for me singleplayer is irrelevant unless they make really hard mode like they’re billions survival with no pause max difficulty etc. But something like campaign im not personally interested while I think best way to monetize it is to provide good singleplayer campaign for players to play through

Yes we need new civs.

“But the current ones are not balanced yet!” yeah so I don’t think I ever saw an RTS with some variety that was balanced so by that logic we’ll be waiting effectively forever.

New civs bring in players and make a game more rich. You can QoL and balance along with it, those things never end.


Exactly, no RTS is balanced. After 20+ years, AoE2 still ain’t.

Waiting for balance = waiting forever for DLC (AoE4 so very dead).


Bugs are annoying players making them to leave the game. Bugs have strong connection with player count. As players will get bored of the new civ and dlc player count will be down again. It does not solve the problem, just making players to pay.

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Why should we choose any one between these two options? Why can’t we choose both? Or do we really have no confidence that Relic can take both into account? (LOL)


Every kind of new content, new game modes and stuff like this is very much needed and therefore very much welcome. So yes it is time for new civs.

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