POLL - Most wanted/likely dlc civs

  • Celtic
  • Mesoamerican (Aztec or Maya)
  • Hindu
  • Mesopotamian
  • Japanese
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Just a poll for the next most likely civ, to see which is the most popular.
While I’ve heard many calling for all sorts of civs, these are - chances - the most likely options for the immediate dlc and any immediate future ones. They’re extensively researched and they fit the time period well enough. Each civ can also be modelled to play its own vey unique, very distinct style and flavour, which keeps with a fundamental of what makes Aom so special and beloved. I’ve not put the romans on here despite a thread already on it because I believe, for the sake of AOM diversity and civ variation, they would be low on the consideration list and these options for the aforementioned reasons are perhaps most likely, most demanded, and would be most enjoyable

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Why no Romans? Angry latin noice haha :smiley: But from the ones mentioned: Mesopotamian of course. But celts (if its ancient celts and not king arthur irhish/british celts) would follow close.

Maya, babylonians and slavic as official expansions.

Roman, abrahamic, eldritch etc. as MOD civs in the same vein as EE ‘Return of the gods’, so with cringey and funny mechanics, and with silly overpowered units; in short, nothing to be taken too seriously, but just for fun.


You may not want the Romans to be added, which is fine, but I don’t get why you put them in the same category as eldtritch.

Personally, I think the Romans are very likely to be added in the future. But to answer your poll, I’d say Mesopotamians.

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I do want both eldritch and romans, as unofficial civs, so really overpowered and fun to play with.

Both romans and eldritch would be perfect as MOD civs, because, as I said, there is plenty of room for overpowered and funny mechanics/units with them, playing them would be perfect to chill out a bit after a rough day, so nothing too serious.

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I do want romans as official civ. To name them next to some fantasy stuff like eldritch seems super strange to me. IF romans where not legit enough because they are not distinct enough well, then you could delete japanese from your list because chinese, mesopotamians because egyptians, celts because norse… romans had a total distinct military, society, worldview and before the greek adaptation happened a very interesting and distinct mythology… sorry, i know i’m sounding like a triggered fanboy (and i am :smiley: ) and don’t want to bother you but it’s true. AND they are a very prominent representative of ancient history. Just wanted to point it out. No hate :smiley:


YES! my thoughts too.

Except for the eldtrich but as a mod why not.

I would say Maya (Aztec), Mesopotamian, Slav, Celt and Hindu first.
Roman can be a mod but also a civ later on


Have you seen my topic? We came up with many great ideas for a roman civ. It doesn’t have to be op to be fun to play.

Exactly! Even though there are many other good potential cultures they can add to the game, Romans have excellent chances to be added in the future.

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I think it’s a matter of time for the Mayan and Aztec gods to be included, maybe even romans even if they have the same gods as the Greek ones, but they will need a lot of gods

Hindu is a can of worms that’s absolutely not something I see Forgotten or Microsoft at large willing to touch.

It’s a living religion with millions upon millions of followers after all.

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There are people who literally practice Norse paganism to this day.

If contemporary worship disqualifies civs from the game, better remove Norse and not re-add Chinese.

AAAh! I want them all! Even some of the more esoteric and fictional ones too! …However, I think it would be fitting and right to get a Mesoamerican Civ. first, since many people have been asking for many years. I’d like to see a Japanese Civ. since I find the culture and many religions prominent in Japan’s history fascinating. I’d also like to see an African Civ. since I know little to nothing about Africa’s ancient cultures and I think it would be a fun learning opportunity.

Edit: Maybe some of the more… unique and outlandish Civs. should stay within the realms of Mod creators so they can properly do them justice. I think our current Civ. mod creators are doing a good job and if the Devs. give them the proper tools to more easily implement custom Civs, well, we are in for a treat.

I’m surprised why noone mentions using the Roman Imperial Cult as panteon for the Romans. While they could also worship other civilization gods through a building with similar use like the Consulate in AoE 3 but with different gods instead.

There’s probably a veeeery slight difference between a religion that’s practiced by less than ten thousand people and a religion followed by almost literally a billion people.

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Are norse paganists as violent as hindus, though?

I suppose it would depend on when is the game set. It seems it’s campaign currently is set in 12-13th centuries BC, but we have anachronic Greek, Norse and Atlantean units, so whatever.

Are Hindus violent? I don’t think they’re particularly known for that characteristic. The vast majority of Hindus are peace-loving and take non-serious representation of their religion in stride. I think including them in Age of Mythology would be an honor to them, not mockery.

The backlash that resulted from Hindu deities being included in the game SMITE was, reportedly, from an extreme minority, and the vast majority of Hindus appreciated their religion being represented in the game. As for Age of Mythology, I think there’s really no risk at all, any more than any other Age game or expansion has been controversial.

The answer is complicated. They won’t probably pull a Charlie Hebdo on FE, so, whatevs.

However, if

then, I suppose it’s cool

Most everybody has strong dislike for Christians. I very much doubt that Hinduism is a factor. If it was, I would hear about Hindus being violent, but I don’t. I mainly hear about them being non-violent and having appreciation for all living things. This event simply doesn’t square with their reputation, so I would regard it as an anomaly.

Really, look up Baphomet’s topic before saying something like that :smiley:

Absolutely. I will happy with any of this cultures as new civs :slight_smile:

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I hear what you all saying about the romans and maybe I should’ve added them to poll - the current topic going on them is interesting. However, I just feel the next dlc after China is more than likely to be a civ that is culturally, aesthetically and religiously different to the others in keeping with the current trend. I know Atlanteans and Greeks share characteristics but atm that might be a reason to delay a Roman release.

Having said that, Roman Imperial Cult could be epic for their minor gods. But for the immediate dlc I hope and feel they’ll flesh out a fully identifiable and separate mythology that shares little (I know they all share base myths but that’s nitpicking) with the others.