[Poll] Mythologies you would like to see implemented in potential expansions? (If DE or a sequel ever comes out)

Mesopotamian and Mesoamerican mythologies would be incredible to explore and perfectly varied.

Also, I know it indeed could be kinda controversial, but India’s mythology would be awesome.


How do you mean with expand and the others?

Like I mean: give the original ones (Greek, Egypt, Norse etc) more units/gods/spells etc?

Or what do you mean with that comment?

Try the recent fanmade expansion modpack Return of The Gods. It’s amazing!

If we add Japanese and we have Atlantis, can we than add the world of One Piece since they also have Seraphim :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: just kidding

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No other civs had their own pantheons. Summer, Babylon, Elam, Akkadia, Mittani, Scythians, Phoenicians, Nabateans, Palmyrans, Arabs, Hurrians, Hit-it-es

Even I am one of the guys who think old civs should get focused first before adding new ones, I of course would also like to see new civs.
Aztec/Maya should definitely be one. Others who could be really cool are in my opinion Persian mythology, Hindu/Indian and Slavic (but I think you also could mix Slavic with Norse if Slavic won’t happen or is too similar. One African civ would be nice to see too. But I don’t think more than 8 civs are healthy for the game and it’s balance

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To be quite honest I would like to see every single option you provided mate, but also I’d like to see the Incas in there too

Persia and Mesopotamia / Babylon


RotG Aztecs or a similar version of it

I swear these are gonna raise the age restriction a few years hahaha


Atlanteans are part of the AOM lore, whether you like it or not, just like malta is part of AOE3. And personally, I love Atlanteans as a civ, even though they’re fictive, but they fit with the mythology theme right?

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I get what FutileShip is saying tho, Atlanteans just feel like Greeks 2, don’t get me wrong, I like them, the campaign is great, but I would have preferred something different instead of that

I wouldn’t want them removed on the remaster, but if they ever make a sequel from scratch, I would either put them as a “faction” for the Greeks (maybe working similar to some AoE3’s revolutions) or as a playable civ but only after adding like 8 actual distinct mythologies from around the world first

It’s really weird that in a game about myths of different civilizations with only 4 of them (before the Chinese) half of them are just the greeks twice

I think Malta is a good comparison, but in a different context that just makes more sense, they didn’t add malta as the 4th civ, but as the 22nd, I think that’s way more acceptable


I agree with you. Way back in 2002 I was hoping they’d add the Chinese, mesopotamians or anything different than what we already had but instead we got the Atlanteans which basically are Greeks. I think the reason is because greek mythology is by far the most well known and there’s way too many gods and creatures to fit in a single civ. I’ve read somewhere they were supposed to add romans originally, which in my opinion would have made a better greek 2.0 but we got Atlanteans instead, and today I love them as much as the other other cultures (except that chinese dlc of course).

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Hopefully the Chinese will be brought up to higher standards in the Retold edition


In 2007 there was a fanbased modding studio making a modpack expansion of the Xia dynasty

Archaic chinese village

Heroic age temple

Classical age town

Mythic town


Yeah I’ve seen it. It looks much better than the official chinese dlc


They look pretty good to be honest


You say Celtic/Irish. I think it would be wise to do colonial celtic. But mostly their mythology is forgotten and the early medieval central european celtic books are still untranslated and undiscovered. If only i were an expert on continental celtic language i would love to help haha. But thats a longterm project.

Actually, the Celtic people didn’t havre writing. Most written sources come from greeks and romans in the Antiquity and from catholic monk in the 8th century in Ireland.

I read a book on celtic mythology and the author explained that central and east europe still have many undiscovered sources from the early medieval times. I’m talking about continental europe not ireland.

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