POLL: Naval Ships Types

Hello, we got an announcement that they are planning on giving each civ three types of ships starting in the Feudal Age. They have not announced which types of ships, so I’m making a poll of what the core three ships should be. Obviously, the other ships could still exist in Castle Age or be civ specific. You get up to 5 votes.

  • Arrow Ship (Stays as arrow ship in all ages)
  • Ballista Ship (Stays as ballista ship in all ages)
  • Ramming Ship
  • Demolition Ship
  • Boarding Ship (Grapples enemy ship, latches on and captures it while reducing its health to 1/4)
  • Simple Boarding Ship (Does melee damage)
  • Fire Ship
  • Burning Ship (Ship is on fire and damages adjacent ships)
  • Arrow Ship that is Upgraded to Ballista Ship in Castle Age

0 voters

who cares, water map is just boring.

should not be the mainly focused thing for this game. i don’t know why they put so much effort on it. maybe just designers favor? but no one else gonna like it.

I think they already have decided which ships are going to be in the next update, honestly i am really looking forward to it.

Naval rework is one of the most requested things by players in the game and water is a fundamental part of age of empires. Many people have been asking for a rps system in naval combat and the devs are addressing. If you dont want to play water even after changes you can always ban the maps

“the most requested things” means it was bad as hell.

they are bad as hell just b/c the water battle is not suitable for this game.

people hate water map just because this game is mainly land focused. on water map, “you get water you get resourse, and you win the game” that turned this game a totally water battle. all other land factors units and building can just be igorned.

water battle can only be a addtional thing into the game. it not nesscory to design a complecated water battle system at all.

current design is not even “boring”, it just do not works.
Full water maps - unplayable.
Hybrid land & water - playable cause “many ponds, where you can fight”. no comeback mechanic.

And it should be changed at least for Hybrid maps.