Poll on final civs number

With so many polls going on, might as well ask this:

If you could choose, what amount of total in-game civs do you prefer?

  • max 50
  • over 50+

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It is not a question of how many people, it is that the engine only has 48 civ slots, at least as far as we know.

Well this is of course under the assumption of no limit.

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I think it might be cool to make May poll month.


That’s good. The community here seems to be evenly split on this topic.

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lets appease both with 51 civs 11

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I would even go as far as to say remove civs that people barely ever use


they’d never do this but I get where you’re coming from

Not all players partake in MP… us single player group uses each and every civ. And want so much more. Just Try and see a larger picture will you?


I think 50 civs is the max limit. Over 50 it’ll become a bit redundant TBH.

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I think there’s quite a few too many already.

At this point they’re kind of scrambling for new civ ideas, with e.g. Burgundians just feeling like another Franks with weird gimmicks tacked on.

For me just having the 31 (?) pre-DE civs would be ideal.


I thought it was 50?

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No one knows but all take Reddit as an absolute source

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Where’s the option “no more new civs?”


The target audience of this poll are those who want new civs :slight_smile:

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doesn’t read that way to me

if you could choose implies choice. and there is no choice for “no more civs”.

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I will vote for 50 as max, but I prefer to not add any more civs at all, 37 now and 2 otw is more than enough, so if you add “no more” I will vote no more.

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Figured this would give a better picture as some DLCs seem to be planned already. This poll design is to give it actual relevance in the future.

Plus, I avoided adding more than 2 answers to clearly see the the 2 groups, those feeling we have reached the point where there’s enough, and then those asking for over 50

  • all that said, please go for the “max 50” option if you don’t want any further civs to be added.
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Just responded to the other 2 who pretty much wrote the same and saw your reply only now.

Biased poll, so it is useless. Max 50 can mean multiple things ranging from

  1. adding no new civs at all
  2. to use all possible civs in the engine.

Both extremes are clearly not the same group. They have completely different ideas of what they want for the game and these groups are not comparable at all. So you can draw any conclusions from this poll at all.

The devs can probably up the limit if needed. I dont really see an issue with this.

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