[Poll] Player skill on this forum

What is your 1v1 ELO on DE?

  • <900
  • 900-1000
  • 1000-1100
  • 1100-1200
  • 1200-1300
  • 1300-1400
  • 1400+
  • I don’t play ranked

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Considering the frequent replies and the subjects of the threads, I got curious what would be the gameplay level of the users on this forum.

I put the cut off point at 1400+, because I think after that point reasoning with people about the game, does not require in depth explaining of game mechanics or certain interactions as well as some of the economy requirements.

I’m between 1000 and 1100 at the moment but i haven’t played ranked for a while and I’m not sure if 1000-1100 is now better or worse than it was. I know it’s changed in some direction since more ranked games have been played. As at the beginning both the newbies and the pros started at 1000, of course. I know that I’m a great deal better than T90’s low Elo legends, even the ones that are just below 1000, by the way, lol.

I’m talking about ranked 1v1 by the way. I haven’t really been playing ranked team.

And I’m talking about RM.

There should really be 4 separate polls for the 4 separate ladders.

I was 14xx for 1v1 RM on Voobly. 17xx for 1v1 RM on HD. That’s probably more helpful info when the DE ladder is newer and I haven’t played on it in months.

Well to be honest, on DE the 1700+ voobly players still manage to reach ~1400 DE ELO at ease, so lower rates fluctuate more, like they’re supposed to due to the starting point being so close.

But this still gives some direction without 4 different polls, which is more than enough.

I’m not sure about my rate in DE, because I haven’t buy it yet. But i’m arround 1450 in voobly RM. What’s the equivalent in DE?

Yeah, that’s just it, I don’t know what the equivalent is. Maybe 1150? And you mean 1v1, right?

I think 1100 is close enough to 1400 voobly.

I’m 1400+ Voobly, not 1700+.

I don’t know what 1400 Voobly is in DE. 1100? Or 1000?

I feel like I’m about 1050 … but I probably need to play more games.

I had a big winning streak with 67% win rate at the beginning at quickly got up to like 1350 DE but if that’s like 1650 Voobly then that’s way better than my skill level. I have since dropped to around 1050. Like I said, I am still not sure what my skill level is at. I think I still need to play more games. I haven’t played 100 games yet and I think your true skill only really starts to be accurately marked once you’re at least 100 games (in 1v1, not sure about team games … probably need even more games in team games). Thoughts on that?

Yes, I mean 1v1. So I guess I’m arround 1100 in DE. I’m gonna choose that option :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be nice to have our game profile linked and have rank displayed underneath name :wink: :grin:

That’d be perfect… but it might become a bit toxic sooner or later. When I played on HD for fun, I saw a ton of players worse than me bashing players who’re below them and explaining nonsense while blaming them just because they had higher rating.