[Poll] Preferred metalish roofs on military buildings

Are those metal roofs preferred by devs is good choice or not?

  • Yes
  • No

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are we even criticising the types of rooves now? wtf…

i should stay on reddit… at least they discuss hypothetical gameplay instead of this


To be fair, roofs are a huge part of AoE design. It sounds silly, I know. But they are a huge visible portion of every building. Melding civ roof styles with consistent building categories are weirdly important.


I don’t think metal alone is a good qualifier here. You can have rooftops with metal that look like crap and vice-versa. i.e. metal rooftops that look too similar to others, or too similar within one another is no good.


Yeah this forum has become ridiculous over the last months. No real discussions, only people complaining about anything they can find.


How about some background that led you to ask this question…

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I doubt HRE was historically metal-roofing every building, but it helps to make their ingame architecture look a bit more unique and goes with the weird “extra tanky buildings” theme…
Not sure why thats poll-worthy?

The golden roof come whit the golden bundle of aoe4.

It all come whit the golden gosth and the golden units.

Designer choice.

Sadly, the metalic roof is clearely a bad choice, except for wonder.

We are suposed to be in medieval time, whit wooden/straw/stone roof.

People have hard time getting metal.

Metal roof belong more to renaissance time frame.