Poll: Random spawn locations in the new "Cross" map

The new map is basically cross with random TC spawn locations. I hate random TC locations. I would prefer having one safe lake behind your TC and fighting over the two lakes in the sides of the map like it was in HC3. What do you guys think of this version of Cross?

  • Random TC spawns made Cross better than the HC3 version
  • Random TC spawns made Cross worse than the HC3 version

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just played a game where the random TC location cost me the game. What do you guys think about this?

I’m conflicted on the matter. On one side the random location makes it harder to guess the enemy location from the start but on the other hand the map is less randomly generated than normally, since the ponds are always at the corners. I’d guess the players should either start both next to pond or both away from them for it to be fair.

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I agree this could be a nice compromise. I just had a game the other day were both of our closest ponds were the same. Unfortunately I didn’t think it was possible to spawn that close to me so i ended up scouting the entire map before I found him and it was too late. Him running into my TC with his scout and dying actually ended up being a good thing for him since he knew where I was. I got hit by scouts and fire galleys before I even found his location.