POLL -Should British be Nerfed?

Maybe he is not differentiating well the stages of the game, mid-late and late.

Anyway I do not agree on India and Japan.

I’m not a treaty player, but I guess …:

  • Japan is very good at mid game / mid-late game.

With strong units backed by good economy in addition to various shenanigans. But has a slow start and not are OP in late game. Not has a nice dragoon/artillery.

  • India is very good at early-mid, mid game and mid-late game.

Has a versatile age 2 and a good eco, but their units has a very slow train.

  • Brittish is very good at early-mid and mid game.

With the advantatge of nice eco in maps with high huntz, are really good until the mid-late game.

They are versatile military (except skirms) but in the late game dont has really good advantatges over other civs.


For me brittish, de with the “new” boxes of ressources and the increased hunting, ever are A tier.

Take a few nerf for houses.

PD: The most interesting it would be that they will nerf their omnipresent houses boom and bring more variety of shipments replacing all those useless shipments of the old european civs.


yeah for me brit is very good because new map with safe hunt, and the majority of the civ who beat the brit were nerfed while the brit are the same since DE, that’s why brit feels strong at the moment but I don’t think the civ must be nerfed, if we nerf it the civ will suck regardless of the nerf that’s the problem with this civ


Thanks for your input, how would you feel about a small adjustment? For instance reducing the manor build xp from i think it’s 26 xp right now to 23 or 24.


Brits should be nerfed without a doubt. They are powerful at every stage of the game, booming safely while aging up and making a reliable, well-rounded army with zero delay and pumping out full batches constantly, even adding a second military building shortly after.

Anyone who says they are vulnerable to rushes hasn’t played them or against them properly. The fastest Janissary rush is met with a tower and 5 musketeers, with 6 more on the way from shipments and MM to boot, despite all that wood chopping for the houses.

Small changes will put them in line with other civs. Judging from the comments on here, most people are either treaty players or have a Supremacy ELO of 1000 and below.

Increasing house wood cost to 140w and reducing the build XP by 2 each is a good start.
I’d suggest also adding 3 seconds to the manor build time.

None of the above are game-breaking nerfs in the least, they will simply put them on par with most other civs.

Of course Inca is a problem too but that’s a different topic.


You are absolutely right with the better hunts and the other civs getting nerfed.

However in order to not accidentally break a civ to wear they’re underpowered like they did with Ottomans, all you have to do is introduce minor nerfs. See my suggestions below - when all is said and done, they will affect timings only very slightly.

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For many patches Brits has been a solid S tier civ and needing a nerf, However the main balance dev once said they saw Brits as the gold standard so I think they want to buff other civs towards brits level.


Well, that’s a valuable nugget of information lol, thanks for sharing. I get it, but seems like it would just be easier to nerf Brits don’t you think?

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Not 100% that is the thought process being followed since but ever since civs got fixed crates, brits have got the best crate start while other civs had theirs nerfed later on (french, ports, dutch)

I think maybe they think playing a strong civ just feels better, People dont mind strong civs but they hate gimmicky civs


That was alot of typing to say nothing. If I as a brit drop a tower and produce muskets in my base I will lose 90 percent to ott’s as they usually ff and come in with saphis, 9 jan’s and cannons. Ott’s seldom rush brits in my experience anymore.

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You do realize that by the time Spahi come around, you as a British player should easily have at least 40 muskets, MM, TC fire, outpost fire, and full batches of units on the way, right? You can’t have a ton of Jan with those falconets if it’s an FF by the way. Only musks is enough to counter the 10-13 jans + 2 falconets. Spahi first will fare even worse.

And it still doesn’t answer the fact that if an Ottos wanted to do a Janissary rush, they are met with a well-defended boom civ who can not only match the rush but beat it back soundly - with just muskets.

Any competent British player will beat an equally competent Ottoman player every time, hands down.

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By nature of the ladder you are paired with equally competent players. I was conservative on the amount of jan’s. If they can decently screen the falcs you will will get hammered and be able to do little about it. The saphis come first and raid making you pull your vils in. Your eco suffers. It’s not as if they just let you mass 40 musketeers.

Okay okay, here me out fellas:

Upon further inspection barracks (200wood) provides 20 build XP, artillery foundry (250wood) provides 25 XP …
Manors (135wood) not only provide a free villager, they give a WHOPPING 27 XP…

What the heck?

That is waaay too high and and it is my opinion that it should only give 20xp like other civ’s houses because it’s already special enough from giving a free villager.

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This is intentional. Also their destroy xp is higher. This is to encourage enemies to snipe the manors.