[Poll]Should drop-off points be implemented back in AoE3 DE?

I use the heck out of the livestock pen! I love that thing.

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I also use it! The gather rates are insanely good, as long as you can get it set up. I hope something similar returns in Age IV.

Aoe3 isn’t aoe2. Get it on your minds. Same franchise but the games doesn’t have to be same. This isn’t fifa 16 fifa 17 fifa 18 fifa 19 etc.


Yes, weak argument though, because there would still be plenty of differences even with drop-off points being the same, get it on your mind.

Comparing this to FIFA is ridiculous.

Why are you asking if in a different game, a type of gathering of another game should be implemented then?

I’ll give you an answer, because you want the other game to be similar to the previous which is exactly the fifa cases.

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Because it was a bad change that a lot of people disliked.

If you’d stop to think for a sec about all the differences between AoE2 and AoE3 even if gathering points were the same you’d see that your statement is simply false.
But you seem to be too stubborn for that.

But don’t worry, AoE3 DE will probably have the same dumbed down economy management.

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Tell you thing.
AOE4 dev team which is “company of heroes series” by relic entertainment

It was so disliked that they gave it to the khmer, an aoe2 civ.

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Well, even though I prefer AOE2’s economy system over the one found in AOE3, I think it’s better that they keep what made AOE3 AOE3. If they had implemented AOE3’s economy in AOE2, there would have very likely been a massive shitstorm from the AOE2 community.

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I think the reason why AoE II fans consider the AoE3 economy system ‘dumb’ is because it doesnt make room for resource thefts, or because of info. The distribution of resources was different during this age, you could sneak in resources despite a heavy siege, have camouflaged transport shipments and so on. And mobility options for gathering were available. It would have been a flaw to include ‘drop-off points’ like the previous ages were restricted to.

The drop-off points in AoE II doesnt have any unit running between the drop off points and TC.
That could be implemented.

Also not true. And for the Khmer it ONLY works for farms, everything else needs a drop-off camp.(which is a nice way of making their Civ a bit more unique)
I also NEVER saw a single complaint from AoE2 players about having to build gathering camps.

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Ok, but then create a mechanic more akin to that. The way they did it was simply dumbing down the gameplay. And eco management is a vital part of it. That’s what is nice about AoE, it’s not just midless killing and battles, it’s a more refined game.

Ex a non-cost-autogenerated mini Cart whenever 20 resources got gathered from a settler?
Mini-cart heading towards closest TC-area-of-only-self-construction-‘Field’. Reselectable TC-destination at cart. With upgradeable features at market such as camouflage or travel speed for carts.

Each cart having Speed 7 to 10. And 100 hp, Range Resistance 50%. Foes can engage the cart to claim it for themselves.
Spies could see through the camouflage…

And you can place like 10 (only visible to self) ‘warning flags’ so the autopaths avoids stuff in 25 range of that area.

((In absense of TC, the destination becomes your market. In absense of both TC and market, the mini-carts stops.))


Yep. Nice idea. I’ve thought about something similar before. Although that could end up cluttering the space between buildings and make it a bit harder for units to navigate.

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I like auto-distributed resources. I am fine with either.
I totally agree with you BelatedLemur1, it would clog space and add hundreds of moving units to be processed.
If reading carefully, I mentioned in other words the idea of resources only needed to reach ‘within TC’s sphere of anti-construction’.

True realism had been if each building and settler had an individual ‘vault/load’ and whenever you wish a building or unit to transfer their resources you click and to where, with auto-function available. The resources then gets shiped on a mini-resource-cart (costing 5 wood & gold) to the destination. There you use the resources to upgrade/train/whatever.

Idea to action will face serious delay. Worse; the game-engine/server would be required to be much better, now having to process all these mini-carts.

My input
Autogenerated resources cause less lag overall.
I thought we already suffered from delay on the servers. Lets not make it worse.

To all the Lets-build-a-camp-in-nowhere-where-my resources-will-travel through-space-to-my-vault:
Reread this sentence ^.

In my memory of reality; each unit was referenced for their sort, with their entourage (hirelings, family, tools of trade) included. You see a lonely settler, I see a settler in the midst of an operation.

Could we get a small text in the settler history window on how the settler-community gathered into valuable resources. ?

here is a news flash for you, almost all games have simplified their economies over time. SC2 might in theory have drop off points but they also have preplanned resource pods where they quite clearly tell you exactly where to place a new town center, for all intent and purpose it doesn’t even need drop off points.

age of empires had and still in aoe 3 has 1 of the more complex micro heavy eco systems in RTS, it was necessary to put focus away from it.

News flash for you: That doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. And a lot of people disliked AoE3. It’s the weakest installment in the series.

AOM and AOE 1 are the weakest installments looking at both amount of players and dedication from said players.


Keep the core mechanics as is, I don’t know if it makes any difference. But I guess they can whatever majority wants. It’s “democracy”.

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Interesting. I’d like to know where can I see that info you said.

From what I remember AoM was received quite well and AoE 1 is just old and clunky.
The only one I saw complaints and people saying they were disappointed was AoE3.

The general consensus for a long time was that AoE3, while a decent game, was a bit disappointing compared to the others. Maybe that changed over time.