[Poll] Should the Brazil server be removed from ranked matchmaking?

So, your solution is overloading the US servers with more players? ironnnyy Anyway, a checkbox where you could select the servers you want to play could be even easier than shutdowns/geolocation. I’m aware lots of games do it today — I think it is Dota, where you can select North American, South American, etc. servers? In this way everyone is happy, the only downside being possibly longer waiting times.

Considering implementation times, it shouldn’t take longer than a week. Map ban but in servers, put the network developer intern to do it. Shutting down according to amount of players is kinda of an problem — manual shutdown & restart of an server is a bit too extreme as a fix, and requires to many manual confirmation input.

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If they manage to do this sure, seems very simple but as you can see nothing is being done, not even aknowladged yet. I just want a FAST solution because brazil server games are ruined 90% of time.

They just need to have a look at the algorithm behind picking a server. Something in the code seems to be messed up. If they found the issue, fixing it is probably easy.

I think it is something like what they did with elo in team games in the match making. For one team they picked the average rating and compared this to the sum of the other team and then tried to get both around equal. Just changing a sum to average or the other way around and it is fixed (maybe just a little bit more). I really think it is something like this with picking servers, why most game are played on Brasil, while it wasnt the best server to use.

Another day, still no fix insight. 4/4 games today already on brazil servers only. Terrible delay and drops. Implement an option to pick a server ASAP or remove brazil servers temporarily. If this continues to go on the game will lose a lot of its members soon.
Nobody wants to play if half the games you get drops cause brazil servers are bad, and the other half you play like back in 2005 with terrible ms.

This issue already exist at release. Dont expect any hotfix for this.

Currently the main issue for lag is something else, something that happens on most servers:

I do expect a hotfix for this issue. After solving this issue, most lag will be gone.

Please stop pushing this crap. Brasil server isnt bad. You distance to Brasil is far, so your ping is high. Therefore you have lag. If you have lower ping at Brasil server, like players in Brasil, then you will notice nothing at the server.

What is wrong is that the game picks Brasil, while it is clearly not optimal. So, what is bad? It is the algorithm to pick a server. Can you please state this correctly? Your current statement is clearly false.

So i hope that the devs will look into this algorithm and patch it, so it is able to pick the best server.


There is a hotfix for the main lag issue. And the devs also said they look into the brasil issue.

Great way to handle criticism by reporting my post for inappropiate. Very grown up from you whoever it was. Maybe rather bring more attention to this problem then falsly reporting others on the forums so the problem gets actually fixed.

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For everyone having issues with brazil server, check this out. Team asking for help to understand/solve the issue.

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So, if u want some easy solution for ur problem, i have one. Instead of deleting a server for u, what about just you try to stop playing the game?
Would be better for evereyone.


Argentina and Brazil are among the Top 10 countries in number of active players… both of them have more players than any other Asian country btw.


So instead of both partys playing on US server with similar ping you rather want all of the europeans/indians/asians to play with incredible bad ping and disconnects/freezes on that server region?
Looks very selfish to me. If all players in team games are affected by this the problem must be fixed and if the only solution temporarily is to delete it then yes. Or are you to special to play on US server? 100 ping too much for you? Well guess what everybody else not from your region plays with 200-400+ ping.
Im sure you would complain if 90% of your games were on EU/Asia and you would have to play with such a bad ping. Or why would you defend your server so much if ping isnt a problem for you?

So players from all regions have to suffer now because you dont want to play on us server with 100 ping? Selfish indeed.

The issue is clear for the devs. The devs are looking into it. You can even help the devs with solving the issue by helping them to get the data. See the following post:

You already must now this and i assume you are helping the devs with giving them some data, isnt it?

Why isnt not enough for you that the devs are looking in the real issue? Isnt that the real issue? They are trying to fix the real issue. So please stop with your crying.

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I have already provided the feedback and help they need. Doesn’t change the fact that this mentality is wrong letting all other players suffer cause you are too important to play on US server where most members have a much better experience rather than all having bad one, just so brazils can have their 40 ms whatever in their region.

We can be lucky the devs are now looking into this and trying to fix it. But if they cant fix it for whatever reason, the next proper solution is to temp remove it and let them play on US server. Im still from europe btw and the connection goes over the atlantic ocean. Still thats 10x better than brazil server connection.

As opposed to the completely altruistic idea that a a large chunk of this game’s playerbase should have their server annihilated because of a bug in the algorithm?

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If the solution was as easy as this, the devs for sure would have use this as hotfix. Seems like there is something else.

Like I already mentioned: If they deleted the Brazil server, i really think another server would take it place. It might be the Korean server (which is more like even worse to you), it might be the EU server. As result too many team games will be played on that server and we get the same issue. As result everyone will cry that that server is broken too. And so we can continu deleting all server, till no one can play. This shows that deleting Brazil server dont solve any issue. It just replace the issue with another server.

You are from Europe, me too. I also have lag when playing team games at brasil server. So in that sense we experience the same and we both want a solution.

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You still dont get it do you? I already said that south americans will have no problem with playing on US servers as the ping should be similar as from europe to the US. But sure keep your brazil server so europe, asia, india get unplayable games.
Unbelievable. And BTW this problem exists since beta and there is no fix, so YES they should remove the servers until the algorithm IS fixed.
Or even better let south americans only play on brazil servers and the rest of the world can enjoy playing without them on our servers. Would be even better, no interest in playing with selfish people like you anyway.

This shows that the devs are listening and try to fix the issue. I havent played TG today, but i think you wont play at Brazil server that much anymore.

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Lol, nice engineering thinking.

If the multiplayer code has a bug, let’s delete the entire server where it’s pointing :rofl:
I will propose a solution like that to my boss.

I live in Argentina and I have a pin of 48 with the brazilian, the closer one is eastus, wich pin is almost 160. Do you think it will be fare if you make all the south america players deal with a huge and unplayable pin just because the game has server problems? It’s not a region problem, we can’t “easily play on US servers” just like you, they must fix it, not simply erase an entire region of players.

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