Poll: Stop Updating When the game is finally fixed?

Do you think the game should stop updating when the game is finally fixed? No more events or other crazy stuff. It will only update when the game has issues with small updates. So when the game is fixed, no more big updates to break the update that fixed the game before hand.

Not everyone has crazy space on their hard drives if the game keeps updating for literally forever. (I’m not sure if space will get insane over time, or even if it takes up a huge amount of space with each update)

  • Yes. Stop updating. Other than mini fix updates.
  • No. Keep updating.

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Depends on rhe nature of keep updating. Im all for some new civs (provided they dont go too overboard), new campaigns, and some changes here and there aside from that.


I’ll like they keep updating for balance, once mayor bugs and problems have been resolved

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I hope that they keep updating this amazing game and add new features/content for a long time.

Totally agree.


I agree: Less fluff, more actual content like new campaigns/civs.

Please revert back to the old UI. The new one doesn’t add anything at all.

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The game is nowhere close to be finally fixed now, given the list of unfixed bugs and debatable balances.

But I totally understand the disappointment from this patch :joy:

This shouldn’t be a worry. aoe2de takes 14GB atm for me (not an insane amount for modern games). And even a big patch like this one is less than 400MB, not to mention that quite a part of it is data replacing instead of addition.

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38GB for me, but a part of it is the decay mod + UHD

i proud of this “Living game”
updates show that game is not forgotten!