[Poll] The most you wanna see in the next DLC

  • New civs and art style
  • Historical campaings and battles
  • Improved Mods and game options
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Ability to “Add” new Civs for Mods. How long do they want to keep the doors closed?

They fear modders so much?


They are cus some of them were modders and it would ruin their schitck.

That would be nice, true…

…but yeah, this right here is the reason that won’t be a thing.

But on to the main topic, the most I’d want out of a new DLC is a Conquerors-level DLC; 5 new civs, regionally connected or no, with campaigns to match them. Technically thanks to Filthydelphia, we already have the scenarios covered with V&V, so no worries on that.

All in all, I would like a return to the classic formula. Not that it would happen… But a guy can hope right? Lol

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Something like this?

Edit: also, more triggers, like Change Object Attack Rate for example


No, that is “replace” not “add”

Also don’t make me laugh by calling people using krakenmeiser civ builder as modders. :rofl:


They did promise civ addition for mods when DE initially released and they were actively working towards this feature as confirmed by StepS. But midway they decided to block modders from adding civs so that only they can add new civs in DLCs and earn max profit. Modders could have given them competition with quality mods.


New architecture
New architecture
New architecture


I mean, if by adding civs you mean create new UU, UT, bonuses etc then the game would basically become an open source software so official DLC would stop being made cause there’s nothing they can add that you or other modders can’t add yourself.
Not that I’m against this, it’s basically free market once again instead of Microsoft corporativism but with DLC being mods made by fans rather than anything official. The only downside of this is that basically everyone would play its own game after a certain point.

If by adding civs instead you simply mean being able to toy with already existing assets you can already do that to the point you can in fact create basically new civs so I don’t see the point of asking for it. Maybe adding an interface to make it easier? But that’s it.
I think the last DLC may set a precedent for anyone being encouraged to create their own game (for who read the last lines in the patch message) but to me that sounds inconvenient coming from them. If mods keep getting better, official DLC worse (if not straight using custom content) and players become a little more curious to search in the workshop what would Microsoft have left to sell?
At this point they’re basically profiting of players being lazy or “purist” enough to not try custom content…

Regional unit skins would definitely be a big improvement.

Not really,the cd version could add new civis and that paved the way for FE to begin with.look at rome at war mod it has a ton of new stuff and that didnt affect the game in any negative way.

Because there wasn’t an official interface to do that, don’t know if I explained myself. If there is then what’s the point of adding new “official” civs? Anyone can make their own very easily and play with them.

I’m counting on decent DLC in the good old formula of 2-3 civs + campaigns (although it would be nice if there were more of it). I don’t want any experimental DLC’s for AoE games.


Agree with every word

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Its the same with the kraken tool civis anyone can make them but who actually wants to play it?
Official content will always make money as thats the only way mp can be played without all players having the same mod files installed.

Yeah it depends on the quality of new official civs. If they’re still better than custom ones yes but the risk for Microsoft is to open the doors to people who are better than them at creating civs, then they could just hire them but if the prices keep increasing players could turn to free or cheaper mods, but for what I read around here we’re still pretty far from that (although I predict :crystal_ball:) despite this last DLC seriously undermining fans fidelity (still not to the point players will explore more the workshop I think because in the end the “official” label still makes a big difference in people’s mind apparently).
It’s basically free market mechanisms Vs corporativism… Modders owning the means of production Vs Microsoft owning them (by hiring modders for money). It’s a bit of a Marxist interpretation you can disagree upon.