[Poll]What about AI in AOE4?

There are Many people who don’t play multiplayer or just loves to play against AI. Since devlopers didn’t revealed much about in game AI so I still don’t know what it will be like. So it’s just a poll which type of AI would you like to have in game. Cuz we do all know bulling, abusing & taunt were also parts of medieval warfare and there are many example of it we can’t appy our modern thinking of war crimes and other moral stuff in it cuz it just a game so it’s nothing wrong if people ask for bulling or abusing AI.

  • an AI that Bullies player
  • Old AGE 2 like AI
  • Multiple personality like AI
  • Don’t play against AI don’t want to get into it

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You people sure like polls


If you want to know opinions of the people than polls are fine


Yes we do ! [Char Limit]


Poll meta on this forum is ramping up day by day.

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We need more polls to be honest. I love seeing the results and I hope the devs see them too.


Smart AI is interesting.

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AI in AoE2 and AoE3 has something good. It does not cheat. ( In 1 I am almost sure that it cheats ). I am sure they will follow this characteristic and to 4.

This is one of the most important characteristic of the UI and there are not many games out there that follows it, at least for the high difficulties.


AI in AoE2 did cheat, now it doesn’t.


Yes, I wasn’t sure if before DE the AI was cheating or not. Thanks for the info.

PS: I am not sure if in AoE1DE the AI is cheating. Don’t know if they change engine. But it is very hard AI, for that I think that it might still cheats ( or I am not good in AOE1DE, you pick whatever you want :smiley: )


Don’t know about Cheating AI. But people likes Multiplayer because they find it more Challenging (some exception) and different. If developers reveals new kind of ai then it’ll be awesome

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AI cheats in aoe3, in the 2 highest difficulties they harvest resources +20 and +40% faster, which sucks hard ngl.
In aoe2 iirc the AI can see your troops in the highest difficulty, but never cheats for resources (a lot more fair tbh).

Talking about DE versions.


This is interesting, despite that sometimes I play multiplayer, I usually play vs AI. For a smooth game to try builds, tactics, or just fun, it would be cool to have a nice AI that plays differently every time you play against.
If I’m not mistaken they said something about the AI being different each time you play like sometimes attacks you all the time, and others walls itself and goes turtle for example. It was here in the Behind the Scenes video at 1:25.


I just hope that AI is all optional.

Like in Age of Empires 3 for example a lot of the AI cheats at a certain difficulty. And it’s a huge power spike in difficulty making it hard for casual players like myself to jump from Medium to Hard difficulty because of it.

I just hope we have more than just a spectrum of Easy difficulty to Hard. Maybe another slider for how much they will cheat or how well they will use player strategies.

I’d like to play against AI that cheats but doesn’t use good strategies. It challenges me in a way that I like to play. So I can focus on easily killing off wave after wave, while I enjoy building.

Schizophrenic AI for the win!