[POLL] What is better AOE2?

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Where is the “Both” option?

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TY, included. Sometimes you make the same mistakes you criticise on others :smiley:

And what is YES! suppose to mean :joy:

It’s a running gag, introduced by himym.

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it’s for people who realize this entire poll is stupid


Actually it’s not that…
It’s a smart answering methode to a so called false dilemma.

Instead of confronting the person with it, just say something which can’t be differntiated. By saying “yes” to an eithor or question you are basically saying “your question is stupid” in a eloquent way.

And by reflecting that your post is actually wrong and right at the same time :smiley: nice. Got me,

OK, I think it’s now time to close the poll and talk about it.

Thee was a reasoning behind it. It was mentioned to make a statement for the devs why we like aoe2 so much and in it’s current form. But I’m quite glad to say that the community actually outsmarted me and preemted it.

At first the two options seem to be completely contradictory. An all-in push makes no sense if there are no walls that protect a base. So it’s nonsense to have a defense vs a push scenario in a no walls huns war. On the other hand high paced games with raids all over the board aren’t possible IF there are too strong and too easy to bring up walls.
But that’s actually what makes AOE2 so great, that we have both to some degree. We have very fast-paced games where it is basically only about microing military and eco to kill the enemy eco faster than yours is killed. But we also have games where a strong pushing force tries to break open a well protected base and it’s about decision making, unit composition, thinking about the long run and microing special unit compositions in a standoff.

And this is what I wanted to show with that poll. We all may prefer the one over the other in some way, but the whole community likes both. And besides we may prefer one, we usually also don’t “hate” the other way, as it gives depth to this rts. Even if we prefer our strategy, some to an extend they play only persian douche eg, we actually want to play against all the other strats, because it makes the game interesting. It’s not bad to have a strong preference over your own gamestyle. It’s actually nice to have people with that dedication, it makes it interesting to fight against people who get to 1k7 with only persian douche. It’s impressing. And it’s fun, it’s diverse.

And I’m actually very proud of our community that many of them actually share this thought. AOE2 is so great because there are so many different styles of play. Sometimes you have a full feudal raiding feast, sometimes you have just a little skirmish in the beginning and then an eco+defense against all-in push game. And that’s what makes the game so fun to play.