Poll: What language should the Byzantine speak?


The question is simple what language would you want to see the Byzantine speak?

  • Greek
  • Latin
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They should speak Greek of course, after all the Eastern roman empire was Greek in culture, religion and language. Latin was also used but the Greek language was the main in the empire.


Neither. Both
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With what I assume is a lot of work and resources it takes for them to create these authentic voice lines for each civilization in AoE4, I don’t think they will do a bit of both as that would take too much time. So they will most likely pick one and go with it for everything.


  • Latin for Dark Age and for Orthodox Monks (Religious Unit),
  • Greek for Feudal, Castle and Imperial for the rest of the units.
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AoE4 has basically only covered the second half of the Middle Ages so far.
Only really the Dark Age of each civilisation represents the time before 1000 AD.
The Eastern Roman Empire stopped using Latin in most places a lot earlier so it makes little sense if they speak Latin at all.

But unlike AoE2/3 I don’t worry that they chose the wrong language.
AoE4 has done a really good job so far with language.


Do not worry my friend. In that case it’ll be medieval Greek. Trust me I predict everything right :wink:

Haha we will see how they choose to do it this time! :smiley:

Did actually Byzantines (Eastern Romans, Greek) spoke Latin?

From my little knowledge, the Byzantines were not latinized even during ancient perriod of Roman Empire

Villagers and cheap military units should speak greek expensive units should speak latin

That make no sense at all.

Rulers and rich class will speak latin peasents will speak greek

They should speak Greek. I have no idea why this has to be a poll or why there are people who think they should be speaking Latin in a medieval setting.

I’m still mad about RoR for not replacing their voice lines. I have no idea why they thought making new Latin lines for the Romans was a bigger priority when the game already had Latin voice lines.

Why would the game even represent those?

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They were eastern roman part of the roman empire so rulers and rich class should speak latin

Why would they speak a dead language? They’re not priests.

Just because there’s continuity between two peoples in different time periods doesn’t mean the language survived.

And another thing: a lot of people at the time were trying to claim to be the legitimate successors of Rome (and were probably speaking Latin because of it), why are you singling out Byzantines?

I created this poll to see how many people believe that they spoke Latin instead of Greek.

It always bothered me that they only spoke Latin in AoE2. Let’s hope they wont do the same again in AoE4.

Also it bothers me that some believe that just because the name has roman in it they rule out completely anything in regards to Greek culture, religion and language.

Greek but i don’t really mind.

I imagine in the dark ages it will be mostly latin, but castle/imperial will definitely be greek.

I will prefer latin because is a dead language and it sounds cooler than Greek

While I respect your opinion, you can always play the byzantine in AoE2 to hear them speak Latin, I don’t have anywhere to go to were they speak Greek.

Besides if they want to be authentic to history, then it make no sense to use a dead language and an incorrect language. We will see, perhaps they willl follow the same path as in AoE2. Time will tell.