[Poll] What update do you want to see most?

  • New DLC
  • Event to get new avatar
  • Event to get unit skin mod
  • Update of regional unit skin (including new architecture sets, monk, king, trade cart, villagers…)
  • Balance update of civ and unit
  • Co-op campaigns content
  • Single player campaigns content
  • In-game function fix (e.g. pathfinding fix)
  • Off-game function (e.g. re-match button, Clan chat)
  • Queuing team elo balance fix
  • See result

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Most of my friends love the new penguin event. And I would like to do a small polling here to see what kind of update and content the community love most. If I have miss something please let me know and I will add it to the polling asap.


New DLC if it implies new civs for either a region/architecture set which hasn’t gotten much love.

If new architecture sets preferably from regions which haven’t gotten much civs yet. It’s still weird that there’s a single set for the entirety of America/Africa even though the civs are vastly different.

You should have included unique castles for all civs too.


Thanks for your advised. Just add the

  • Update of regional unit skin (including new architecture sets, monk, king, trade cart, villagers…)

Bug fix updates? (not that I’m encountering many bugs these days)

It’s a little funny, as the question is ‘what you want to see the most’. The penguin event, silly and fun as it is, clearly wouldn’t take preference over things like actual DLCs etcetera, because on top of it all they’re also free, monthly events, not tied to any ‘update’.

Personally, I’d like to see a new DLC that brings new architectures from regions that severely need more representation (Africa, America, probably China split?). Such a DLC can also bring with it more serious updates to pathfinding or other features, or regional skins to villagers and monks.

Not too fussed about regional skins for units yet, as armour changes to make them region-appropriate can make readability much worse. With Trade Carts (or villagers?) that is not a problem as they are very distinct anyway, but we can already see this sort of happening whenever Aztecs or Inca convert a stable and produce Xolotl Warriors. For many it’d be the first time seeing the unit and reading it as a Knight replacement among other units will be tough.

If they can do it somehow without hindering readability, I wouldn’t mind unit skins later as well. Maybe as a toggleable option, since I know some people are worried about file sizes and whatnot, though I don’t know how bad Trade Cart changes were for that.

I don’t really play single-player stuff, so I didn’t vote for those, but obviously a large amount of people only play those so those are just necessary if a DLC is introduced.


Developers suggest adding entertainment personnel (such as clowns, bards, acrobats, and theatrical actors), officials (tax collectors, guards, nobles, general, officers, marshal, manors, emperors, princes, and princesses), ordinary personnel (children, old people, pets), criminals (thieves, villains, hooligans, arsonists, and thugs) to the age of Empire 2 interface

[X] Chat filter removed



Perish the thought.

Most of the other non-military eye candy unit types wouldn’t add much, and IMO adding children would be a particularly bad idea. Guards, nobles, officers, emperors, and princes are already represented in specific instances with generic or hero units, of which there can always be more.
Would like to see regional queens though, and a female noblewoman - variant of the male merchant.

But yeah, a DLC with new civs would be most interesting, and would ideally comprehend most of the other choices.


year, new units such as mounted standard flagmen,flag bearer and heralds, popes, crossbow cavalry generals and Deputy General will be added to the game interface

Unit skins should be historical or useful not stuff like villagers with boxing glows or spearman with carnival masks.


Do we know when are they gonna release another PUP? or balance update?

Totally agree… I mean, why add a snowman with sword but not historical skins, literally takes the same work to do it…


A proper first party official data API would be my number 1,2&3 vote :frowning:


I think that it is part of match history function which should be part of Off-game function although there is an existing match history which are very bad and just stop service recently :frowning:

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Absolutely this! :slight_smile:
plus unique castles for every civ


More DLCs, more architecture sets and more campaigns

I second this

Vils with boxing gloves was actually one of the better ones. I actually kept that on for a while. The rest of the ones usually get unsubscribed after 1 use which is just to see how it looks.

Like snowmen maa and lazer beam archers.

Note to devs:

Killing the immersion of a medieval setting dosent do it for me. Thats why the Celt only seige blackforest composition used to piss me off as well back in the day where players go 1/3 ram, 1/3 onager and 1/3 scorp and nothing else

That seems to have died down now though


In addition to the options indicated, I would like to specify that I would like to see the Genitorus (Jinetes) with the Portuguese and Spanish and not with the Berbers. I also believe that the time has come to rename some civilizations such as the Slavs in Rus.


Well, in a teamgame that can still happen. Playing full Siege is too fun to make boring Halberdiers!!

I think this poll can act as a good proof that the community do not want the event of getting new avatar and skin mod.