[poll] What's your favourite Civilisation so far?

Now that all civilisations are fully revealed which one is your favourite?

  • Chinese
  • Delhi Sultanate
  • English
  • Mongols
  • French
  • Abbasid Dynasty
  • Holy Roman Empire
  • Rus

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It’ll be interesting to see how the opinion will change after the next Beta and than again after release.
Half of the Civilisations were playable in the closed Beta so that might influence this poll already.


I like the Nest of Bees,And the functions of the Imperial official in the game. My favourite Civilisation is Chinese.

I’m really liking the look of the Holy Roman Empire. I’m a fan of a more defensive playstyle, and their art style is very cool too. But almost every civ is looking very cool and unique imo. I don’t know much about the French or Abbasid Dynasty though.


That’s all I need to say.
I’m really happy they choose that unique unit for the HRE. They just look too cool.
I feel like the HRE could become my main civilisation. I also like the design of the Rus and the Chinese so not sure. In the end I have to play them do decide.

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me pareció mas agresiva china por agua no lo pude manejar tanto consume demasiada madera, intentando la apertura de agua como en el age de II no me fue viable por el consume excesivo de la madera, fuera de eso su asedio dependiendo si eliges ser mas agresivo es genial para pushear y en uno de esos momentos en el que tienes la piedras para un castillo y se lo pones en su zona pero luego te das cuenta que no dispara a menso que guarescas XDD me exploto la cabeza darme cuenta de eso pero me gusto.

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Rus warrior monks and strelzy look really nice. Love the architecture style as well!


Holy Roman Empire for sure! I like the defensive style gameplay and the hardened infantry so they actually can hit the enemy with a decent amount of HP and not being devastated in the middle of the way by enemy archers.

Also, I’m looking for the Frenchs and their cavalry units with the Royal Knights!

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HRE looks sick. Really cool looking units and playstyle

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Mainly the Rus, but I’m very interested in how the Abbasids play out, so I voted for them.


Kinda interesting to see the HRE and Rus leading the polls.
The HRE and Rus are the civilisations that are most often to be considered to be bad choices by the devs in those civilisations discussion threads.

They also led the polls before they got revealed but than I assumed that people just imagined them how they wanted.
Now we know that they apparently did exactly what people wanted.

Interesting to see that the French and English have the lowest results at the moment. Those two are often considered must have.

The other civilisations have more or less equal results.


Definitely Rus than as seconds HRE and Mongols

Also how is HRE a bad choice? Its most populous state in middle age Europe 12 times population of England and Rus is 3th or 4th most populous depending on exact date (5 times england)

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Mongols because:

I’ve been playing Zerg in StarCraft and Mongols also rely on aggressive playstyle with map control.
I’ve been playing Night Elf in WC3 and Mongols also can move their buildings.
I’ve been playing Lakota in AoE3 and Mongols are also horse civ.
I’ve been playing Soviets in Red Alert series and Mongolia was soviet republic during 1921 -1992.

Do I have to say more.


I liked the English the most during the beta.
Then the Mongols.
Then China.
Then Delhi.

Can’t say exactly why, all civs were good but even with mighty elephants Delhi was just the least interesting to me.
We don’t know how the others look IG yet, but I really hope I will like the HRE.
Rus looked just as I imagined - made of wood, lol. They look great too.

Its kind off outside timeframe though.

I wish you had included a None option in your poll. Shouldn’t we also count those who do not particularly like any of them? I do not have a favorite right now and I’d like to express that.

Your statement says it all. :stuck_out_tongue: @UrbanizedGem684

Kind of a tough decision because there’s a few of them that sound really interesting, and some that were unexpectedly fun in the Beta.

I have to vote French. The eco fluidity with the French traders sounds hella cool to me, idk.

HRE, Mongolia, Abbasid Dynasity, Rus :slightly_smiling_face:

They certainly started to become important before the year 1500 so I think they are still within the timeline.
The visual depiction and the fact that they are already available in the Castle Age is kinda wrong though.
They basically succeeded knights in reality and didn’t come to existence at the same time like in the game.

Stelets are certainly a little late with them being founded in 1550.

It’s a relative thing. Which one of those is the least boring to you then?

I think not liking the overall civilisation selection should be a different poll. Maybe I should added that as well as a poll for least liked civilisation.
Maybe next time (after release or open beta).

I’m curious how that will work out.
If trade is going to be 1 to 1 for every resource than trading Stone might be OP, while trading wood and especially food would be useless. A farmer will give you more food for less investment.
It’s probably not even useful to equal out temporary food shortages because they take so long to return from the market that building farms gives you a quicker return of investment.

Their relevance only came to be after the timeframe.

They stated that they wanted to be as accurate as possible to history. The landsknecht in-game are clearly the German Landsknechten and not the Swiss.

While the Swiss came earlier in existence, they didnt use the Zweihander, but mainly spears/pike weapons, they were also less flamboyant. The first German Landsknecht unit wasnt created untill 1486. Keep in mind the first one. So they probably werent yet the iconic Landsknecht we see in the game. The Zweihander didnt really become used untill around 1500. Their only really important battles, within the timeframe was in 1490 against Frisians, in 1502 against some farmers and the main being in 1515 (2 years before the end of the timeframe) against the Swiss Pikeman. The rest is outside the timeframe and at their peak is aswell.

If it was a unit for the last age like the Strelet I wouldnt mind, but for castle age it is really off.

Also you cant compare knights to landskenchte, as one was from noble birth, while the other was mainly mercenaries of which many werent from high birth. Their function was also not anywhere near that of a (mounted) knight.

And dont get me started with Strelets lol, they existed for 2 years inside the time period, dont know what the devs thought. Its not that hard to make the time period for all countries untill 1600. That would make more sense for both units and is way better than the weird artifical and for some reason seperate time frames they chose for all the countries.

(I know we agree on most points, but I also kind off want to state it anyways)