Poll: Where do you find new players to play team games with?

Out of curiosity, I want to see where and how people socialize in the context of playing team games.

As many have mentioned (including Hera), the game currently lacks many social features - and as a player that has been around since the dark-ages of Voobly, I can only reminisce about the good times and amazing social aspects of the platform (despite its flaws in other areas). I feel very concerned about the longevity of the game because of the fragmented experience for newer players. Where do they find mates to play with? How are new players incentivized to not just play a few campaigns for nostalgia, then quit, but actually indulge in team games and get their friends on board as well? What are some things that the developers could do to improve the social features of the game? Feel free to discuss, but with that said:

Where do you mostly find new players to play team games with?

  • Discord communities
  • In-game (ie. after a random match or through built-in features)
  • Forums, Reddit, etc.
  • Steam features
  • Leaderboard sites (aoe2net, aoe2insigts, aoe2companion, etc.)
  • Existing friends’ friends
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Should be a poll where you can choose multiple. I’ve used more than one of these methods

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By streaming with the hope that enough people from chat join so we get the full 4 map bans :slight_smile:


I’m converting real life friends to play

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