[Poll] Where Should the Next DLC Focus?

Eh, I think that them starting mediterranean is fine. They were extremely influenced by the Romsns after all


Well, Jugger said “Mesoamerica” which excludes Incas. So Aztecs, Mayans, Koreans all are AOC (2000) civs. Now I need to study some map and see if Vietnam is closer to Korea or Peru is closer to Honduras to determine whether East Asia is oldest or America is oldest untouched region. 11

Edit: Vietnam to South Korea 3109 km, Peru to Nicaragua 2697 km. Although I’m pretty sure just considering distance between Peru capital to Nicaragua capital is too simplistic way to determine distance between Maya and Incas.

From *AoC. Huns still use Central Europe building set.

Why are we discussing who has gotten content a longerbtime ago when we could just accept that both regions have been neglected?


Lotta people like arguing that they have it worse.


The in-game Vietnamese civ is East Asian because it represents the historical Dai Viet kingdom, which was once part of the Sinosphere.


I wouldnt say they ever left the sinosphere. The sinosphere is about culture, and even if the Chinese and the other nations are really diferent to each other, the cultural influence is still there (like I wouldnt say they are part of the Indosphere)

Researching Vietnam as part of my outline for a modern-day Age of Empires game, I have to agree. It’s very culturally similar to China, even using nearly identical zodiac signs.

There is no other buildings that fits them ingame.

The Dai Viet was clearly in the Sinosphere though (and nope I’m not claiming they were Chinese or Sinitic cause Sinosphere =/= Chinese), the Chams were in the Indosphere, but for much of AoE 2’s timeframe they weren’t the same kingdom but instead were the major enemies of each another.

The Chams deserve to be their own civ in AoE 2.

Only the northern Dai Viet kingdom was similar to China, the southern Champa kingdom was in the Indosphere and was culturally similar to the Khmers, and they deserve to be a separate civ.

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I firmly agree, and the fact that the devs justified the Vietnamese originally using the SEA architecture by saying they also represent the Chams is horrendously tone-deaf.

I know that, but I was researching modern Vietnam (North Vietnam and the Viet Cong specifically), and that is firmly Chinese-influenced.


Well their in-game language is Vietnamese, which is different from the Austronesian Chamic language, and the Al player names are also historical names of Dai Viet kings and generals, hence this civ cannot represent the Chams.

I didn’t think this needs explanation, the Americas in the game is “a” region.
If Europe is just a region in the game, it will still be a region no matter how far it is from Lisbon to Moscow.
Of course, if Muiscas, Tarascans, and Chimus will be introduced, there will be a chance (not 100%) that the Americas region will be split into Central and South America. Also, if the Jurchens and Khitans or even Tanguts were introduced then East Asia could have a chance (not 100%) to be split too.

On the other hand, my criterion is which region a civilization belongs to is the region it belonged to when introduced. This is important because we cannot know whether or which civilizations will have similar adjustments in the future, so these uncertainties should be excluded when considering. Therefore the Vietnamese should be considered here as Southeast Asian, and the Armenians and Georgians as Southern European. This has nothing to do with history and culture.

But in any case, it now looks like the next DLC should be a choice between East Asia and Africa.
My saying that East Asia is the region without new civilizations for the longest time is just one of the factors that push developers to choose East Asia. Another factor that has a greater impact and is truly decisive is that East Asia has a huge market.

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I disagree, the in-game Vietnamese represents the Sinosphere Dai Viet kingdom, and should be considered as East Asian.

To balance things off I think the Mongols should be removed from the East Asian set and be given a new Inner Asian set which they could share with potential new civs like the Tanguts or the Tibetans.

Proceeds to add Saxons and Venetians

When the Vietnamese were introduced, they were introduced as a Southeast Asian civilization, whether they belong to East Asia or Southeast Asia now.
I have already said that this has nothing to do with history and culture, but rather allows us to judge each civilization by a common standard.

Otherwise, we would not be able to define whether Persians belong to West Asia or Central Asia, whether Bohemians belong to Eastern Europe or Central Europe, whether Huns/Mongols belong to Central Europe/East Asia or nomads. Can you understand what I mean?

Just as I still classify Armenians and Georgians as belonging to Southern Europe, I have already hinted and ironic that I think they should belong to a new Caucasian set.

Alongside a campaign for romans.

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Romans were super hyped so I guess a campaign for them would be good. 6 scenarios, please
But I guess is clear by now that, at least for the people who voted, Venice and Saxons aren’t a priority. I voted Middle East and South Asia, for example

I’m talking about the status quo, they’re an East Asian civ now.

Of course, the Vietnamese arrived with Rise of the Rajas in 2016… for reasons of regionality, Mesoamerica has not been touched since 2000 (the Incas are not Mesoamerican, although they share the same architecture)…

I see a DLC in East Asia as likely, although the Japanese have several scenarios so I don’t think they will give them a campaign…I see it as more likely for the Chinese and Koreans since they only have one scenario each…Mayans would be interesting, but I would have to be a campaign in the 7th century (Pakal the Great or Lady Six Sky), although the most likely thing is that they will give it a campaign from the 12th century (Hunaac Ceel), because it seems that they are allergic to touching the 6th-7th centuries and Turks would have than to be Mehmet II, in order to relate to Dracula’s campaign and a possible Magyar campaign of Matthias Corvinus…

Yes, Vikings practically had a Sagas campaign in VaV (for me they could only be given a Harald Hardrada campaign in a Nordic dlc but little else) and the Romans are the antagonists in Alaric and Attila’s campaigns…

In theory, it would be The Last Khans that already comes with the purchase of the game…

In theory they would still have to touch the Western Adriatic Balkans (since Ivaylo-Bulgaria and Dracula-Wallachia occur in the eastern Balkans) in Southeast Europe…

That would justify a Nordic DLC…

Yes, at least at some point they have to touch East Asia or America…

Yes, let’s say the original Vietnamese came from central China and settled north of the Mekong as Lac Viet, then moved south to their current location…

That would be good…the UU would be the Vietcong xd…

Yes, I think that eventually they will put them in the game along with the Siamese…

Of course, for me it will be DLC from East Asia, then one from Africa and finally America (North America would be good)…

Yes, I think that if they introduce new dlcs they will correct the architecture of the related and nearby civs… that would not be a problem…

Or Swiss and Austrians, Danes and Swedes or Serbs, Croats and Vlacs… but leaving Europe?.. that will never happen xd…

Here is my proposal for the devs: ‘‘Sea riches’’, focused on the Mediterranean. Italy was by far the economic and cultural powerhouse of Europe and in the Med during the middle ages. That sea was still the most important at that time, they had colonies as far as Crimea and Cyprus. The Italian peninsula was divided into dozens of independed city-states, where there was definitely a sense of being Italian, however, given the recent Aoe2 inclusive approach, having a civ named the ‘‘Italians’’ no longer makes sense. My suggestion is to change the current Italians to ‘‘Lombards’’ which would broadly cover the North-west of the country, including Milan, Turin, and Florence. Then make the Venetians, with their special units the ‘‘Stradiot’’ and a cannon galley named ‘‘Galeazza’’. Make sure to have ‘‘Arsenale’’ tech for quick ship building. Second civ would be the Genoese, with special gold-generating techs and incredible crossbowmen, better then the current. A third Mediterranean civ I would add with this release is the Aragonese (Barcelona), with a steppe lancer-style infantry pikemen, strong cavalry and strong land defenses specialized against sea attacks.

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