[Poll] Where Should the Next DLC Focus?

Kievan Rus is better name cause then is still easy to add Republic of Novgorod and Grand Duchy of Moscow.

You’re playing the wrong game. Go back to EU4.


Do we really need 3 civis for the current slavs?

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No we don’t need any more Slav Civs. Not even pseudo Slavs like Romanian etc.

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In all seriousness, care to explain why?

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Maybe his preference is south american civis like mapuches?

Because there are too many already. Slavs are not the most important thing in this world.

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Yes I will prefer those anyday.
How many American civs do we have? 3
How many African Civs do we have? 2
How many East European Civs do we have? ~10

Why can’t we have more Indian Civs? We had a DLC recently. Ok but the subcontinent is sooo diverse?

Why can’t we have more East European Civs? We had two DLCs for the same recently. But still people say bring it on.

What the fuck and why are we counting East and West and North and South Europe separately when entire Africa is labelled the same?

Some people are stupidly discriminating. Perhaps they never had education.


Its your preference against someone elses preference not really an argument.

Btw saracens and berbers are also african.


Neither Saracen nor Berber have a African Unique Unit. Genitor is Iberian, Mameluke is Caucasian. They are namesake African. Why don’t you label Portuguese as African as well? Nonsense arguments.

So who started talking about my preferences first? Me or you?

Because they dont sit on the african continent.


They have more territory over Africa than on Europe

This is the fallacy being used to get Abrahamic Civs only everywhere. Next call Georgians, Armenians Byzantines as Asian. Thanks

Berbers originate from North Africa and mostly still live there. Saracens come from the Arabian peninsula in the first place though.


A Zanj Spearman UU for the Saracens/Berbers may be interesting. Various Arab/Saracen dynasties from the Fatimids to the Abbasids used Black African troops in their armies. It could be a counter unit of sorts and cost no gold. But would be weaker than camels in this role.

Nah. Saracens is Asia.

Genitour is African, his name coming literally from the Zenata, a Berber tribe, and the mounted skirmisher role he plays was common throughout the Sahel zone and North Africa.