[Poll] Which Central Asian castle do people prefer?

Hello. In the original preview for Cumans/Tatars, they had a different castle form the current one. For some reason, this castle was replaced for the current version. I personally think both castles look pretty epic, but which one do people prefer. Also, do you think that Cumans should get one of them, and Tatars get the other?
Current Castle:
Original Castle (Now removed):

Which castle do you think should be used?
  • I think they should stick with the current castle.
  • I think they should replace both Cumans and Tatars with the original castle.
  • I think that Cumans should have the current castle and Tatars have the old one.
  • I think that Tatars should have the current castle and Cumans have the old one.
  • I think they should use both castles, but I don’t care which civ gets which.

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What do people think?

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Let’s just give every civ their own castle already. It’s been long enough with goth and teuton castles looking alike, etc


Well yes, that would be ideal, but in the meantime I’m just seeing which of these people prefer.

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There is something wrong with the poll.

What? (20 Characters)

It’s better if you can put real life central asia caslte photos, so people can have an idea. Most people don’t know what is different between Cuman and Tartars.

In your example, I am most people. I just think both castle models look cool, and I’m not sure why they removed the original. I can’t be bothered doing research, I just think it would be nice if they used both castles.

When I first voted it showed 100% for all options with NnA voters.now it shows fine.

I’d like the new one for Cumans, and the second one for Tatars.
Second one seems sturdier and more fortified, as Cumans lack even basic walls ingame seems more appropriate for Tatars.

I prefer the current one – it has a more coherent design, whereas the original one looks like two buildings stuck together.

That said, I like both, and it would be nice to have the original as well, e.g. as an extra in the scenario editor. If I recall correctly, there was also a different design for the Cuman Wonder in a prerelease screenshot.


It would be great if the removed things such as original catapact original cuman wonder tatar set castle original savar skin gets added as scenario objects.

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The old one looks like it’s significantly taller. For gameplay purposes I prefer castles not being too tall.

I think the original one might have an actual building behind it in my screenshot. Maybe a university or something?

I realise that, but that’s not what I’m talking about. The main tower is very square with large windows, and looks stylistically quite different from the rest of the building. This might be historically accurate (since large buildings like castles were often built over a long period of time in several stages – although I know nothing about Cuman or Tatar/Timurid castles specifically), but to me it makes the overall design look less cohesive.

A Monastery. The castle doesn’t have 2 domes. It has only one. The one in the behind is not on top of the castle.