[Poll] Will Sweden get nerfed this time

  • Will be nerfed
  • Will be buffed
  • Remain

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The balance complaint posts suddenly change from Japan to Sweden!
Although Japan got many balance complaints before, they are still remaining as most people predicted.
Lets guess Sweden this time. 21.

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I cannot comprehend why there were no balancing patches this month.
Optimistic speculation:

  • They have been doing a lot of map balancing and have no time for that.
  • The end of the US event should come with an update so they will release the balancing patch along with it.

Pessimistic speculation:

  • They think the game is in a very balanced state.
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It was quite surprising to me, last update was map changes and 0 balance changes, they’re probably focusing on the africa dlc but the game needs to be in a good state before it arrives and at the moment we need a nerf to sweden at the very least, USA still need a buff to the carbine cavalry which should be a fairly simple change, either almost instant fire rate so they can kite or more health/range resist to stand and fight like a cavalry archer probably is the least used unit in the game, either that or the bolas warrior which takes about 10 seconds to fire and is utterly useless.

They like being complained and enjoy watching complaint in the forum.


Second one sounds about right


I found they managed it pretty well so far IMO. I come from AOM and AOE3 DE is an immense positive surprise for me. Not sure why I read so many negative posts in the forum today.

Anyways, that’s not to distract from the fact that yes, torps need a nerf.


I agree the game in general is in a good state, with more civs used than ever before.

Devs seem to be sleeping on some obvious changes though, carbine cavalry have been useless since usa was released with no buff, bolas warriors have been buffed a while ago but they remain a totally useless unit it’s probably used less than carbine cav. Sweden is also a whole tier ahead of any other civ with their caroleans that beat any other unit even their counters, ridiculous svea lifeguard card that gives 30% range resist and 25% hp and infinite 6 mamelukes, not to mention the torp eco.


Better than TAD, or DE when it was first released, definitely.
But there is still room for improvements.


Yes, can agree to that. Some obv. balance changes are in order. Bola buff could help against some mid to late game top tier cav, to which Inca have not a good answer to, even if fast chimus are great. Plus a dmg buff to the AOE could make Inca a threat to blobs which they rarely are in the current state (macemen just get shredded every time)

The problems are stacked since released and being ignored.
Problems today they raised for Sweden still carolean and torps same as beginning.
Hakkapelit and bola warrior still no one uses it.

This would happen just depend on the time to see when people’s enthusiasm are fully consumed.
From the poll we can see although many people are complaining, most people still think this civ will remain as before means dev will not do anything, same as previous poll to Japan.
Now every balance post is Sweden or Japan, every time is carolean or ashi, every time is torp or shrine.
This dev just like a child to do what they want and ignore what they don’t want.

No company would allow a problem existed for more than half year and let it continues.


Agree with this completely.

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Clearly you haven’t played any AAA game from other companies. Sweden feeling OP for half a year is child’s play compared to other games.


I used to doubt you are spy from dev to comment in this forum.

You never said something good suggestion to the game but only argue with others don’t nerf your favourite civs.


Honestly I’m very happy the devs are focusing on bug fixes and stability issues. This game still runs funky for me and and I’d rather have that ironed out first. Playing as a balanced Sweden won’t matter when your game crashes everytime you try to play online.

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It is so frustrating to win every skirmish against swedes while also taking down torps, only for them to still pump out 1000 caroleans, cannons, and get age 4 within 15 minutes. I think we need one more small torp nerf.

Japanese shrines also need a nerf for nearly the same reason. Shrines are too inexpensive in my opinion.

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This is new this swedes player had 34 vils by the 6 minute mark. Never seen that before. He went up by large increments three times.

More swedes shenanigans


Looks like a hack. No possible way to get those multiple villager batches as Swedes unless he was fish booming

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No fishing at all. I built ships because I thought he was. I was at 3000 score to his 5

In that case it’s likely a hack. Did u save replay? And was this in ranked?

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It was ranked and I didn’t record. He had several other big jumps after 6 minutes as well. Seems impossible but I don’t have a high opinion of the civ or those who play it so admittedly are biased.

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