[Polls] Post Dawn of the Dukes Euro DLCs

No, what you are doing is basically like if I make a thread about balancing the Burgundians and you started to comment balance suggestions for the Incas, sure it’s about balancing, but it’s not about balancing in general, it’s about balancing the Burgundians specifically

Same thing with this post, it’s about the DLC, but it’s not about if there should be no civs or not, it’s about which civs you would want

Also OP specifically pointed out that the thread wasn’t about having new civs or not and you still commented exactly that, that’s just bad manners

TL/DR when a post states specifically that is not for you then you should ignore it


In Latin ‘boni’ would be the plural of the male noun ‘bonus’; however, since it’s a loanword it wouldn’t be grammatically correct to use in English so you and Laserbear are both right