Ponds ruin woodlines in Arabia

Below is the map from a ranked game I just played. I don’t understand why ponds should spawn in woodlines around your base? We both have 2 woodlines with ponds, it’s worse for my opponent, with 2 back woodlines with ponds. Just disgusting.

Apart from ponds, all the hills surrounding the base are just boring. Is this Arabia or Basin?

I miss Runestones, which is a million miles better than the current Arabia.


luckily it’s symmetric, if you get it, opponent gets it so adapt I guess.


Unpopular opinioni but i kinda like ponds cause they give some diversity to the environment, and since It’s simmetrical It’s not a disadvantage.

What i think could be implemented is a way to actually profit from ponds outside of maybe malay. For example, i would like to see new dock techs added to add utility to water on Land map in general, like, i don’t know “irrigation tecniques”: all farms built around X tiles from the dock build 100% faster, and farmers can drop food at docks.


I think they should give a little more food than ones away from water. But then balancing maps with ponds :neutral_face:. Maybe only for a specific map type not everywhere

Maybe if they consistently had at least 2 snapping turtles (shore fish)

But I think it’s healthier for the game if the ponds are limited to 1 per opponent. 2 is excessive. If there’s more than 1 they shouldn’t replace wood lines. Like at best scattered on the map

This isn’t true. Cavalry civs are favoured due to the need to spread out sooner for wood dependent archer civs.

This similarly applies to slower(koreans) Vs faster civs (Aztecs). Aztecs want to end the game sooner, so less resources actually works better for them than koreans

2 shorefish isn’t enough to make you wanna mill it, I think it’s a bit like with deer, you want AT LEAST 3, ideally 4 to justify a mill.

too much happens in your average game to make small considerations like that.

Highly agree. At least, Arabia need less hills in their random scripts, not only around TC, but for the whole map. I mean look at your map how many hills it have, what is this?!

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