Poor Matchmaking

Anyone know how the matchmaking works, or can we please get some insight from the developers?

I’m mostly talking about team games, since 1v1 matches actually feel quite balanced in my experience (once you hit your correct ELO obviously).

My experience in team games, especially when queuing up by myself, is that the vast majority of my games are absurdly imbalanced, or at the very least have a stupidly large ELO range. Straight up imbalanced games are clearly bad, not much more needs to be said there and I’m also quite surprised this even happens. Is there some hidden ELO that is malfunctioning or something? I don’t have many ideas here.

For the case where there is a wide ELO range, I can understand how people who don’t play a lot of Age of Empires might think this works. As long as the average ELO is the same the game should be balanced, right? No. Not only is the game not balanced because the positioning can really screw you over (e.g. the pockets usually have a greater influence on the game), but it’s also really not fun to play because you have no idea what to expect from the other players and it makes it less of an exciting team game and more of a “Can I carry hard enough” or “Can I manage not to lose too hard” kind of game. These games basically have 0 teamwork even if they do end up moderately well balanced.

Really hope we can open a discussion with the devs so we can start working towards a good solution here.