Pop efficiency

Units shouldn’t cost all equal pop. Some
Units cost more resources because they are stronger. So u can balance it out with weaker but cheaper units. But once pop limit is reached, it all becomes a 1:1 in numbers. That’s where the strong units dominate because they are too pop efficient.
I kindly ask to raise mameluke’s, onager’s, war elephant’s pop count to 2 pop/unit.

This would allow weaker units like halbediers, swordmen, cavalry and other units to stand a chance against those superior units.

There might be more too pop efficient units but for now these are the units that stick out to me the most.

Thx for ur understanding


If i answer you will you actually engage with me or will you just be rude again?

Go ahead, I’m all ear

AoE 2 will never be balanced around 400 pop Michi Deathmatch games, in which players horde tens of thousands of resources.

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Other than what was answered above, remember that a large portion of games revolve around early game aggression and costs are absolutely vital. You go for eart game elephants? Cool my monks say those are my elephants now. The same holds true even for faster knights as well.

Oh wait you turtled in? Great ill just take your extended gold or harass you with towers and mangonels and you wont have anything to defend yourself because you clicked imp age with too few units.

Castle units aren’t often seen unless they have a huge castle age raiding advantage like the conq, jannisary Plume or Camel Archer. A castle is a big ask and more than 1 is even askier. You’re probably better with knights or some sort of archer

I get you like a casual supposed easy mode but you must think from the topdown here. Experts dont go mass elephants or early because thry just dont heve the food and gold economy without a boom that their enemies won’t let them unleash in full

u can keep the game balanced as I described above via pop changes. It wont affect low ressources matches so u dont have to worry about anything

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How will you pull that off then?

by doing this here xxxxxxx

Nobody uses war elephants though. When did you watch the last expert game and see war elephants

u should try DM. People alwats pick Saracen, Mongols, Celts or Persians.
Elespam is real in those matches. And halbs dont work against them 1:1

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Okay in dm you are pretty much attacking asap and you don’t really have time to get up castles when a stable is going to go way further in that you can get up many of them far faster. Your starting scout is beelining the enemy villagers to kill one or more importantly slow down the construction of base. I remember most dm games being played on full reveal as well


I am talkin about matches at max pop reached.

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No need for units to be balanced based on pop, while they are already be balanced based on costs. Stronger units are already more expensive and weak units are already cheap. So you can easily mass a weak unit, while a stronger unit is harder to mass, due to their costs. Even if pop capped is reached you need a smaller eco to sustain the same amount of weak units, while you need a bigger eco fo sustaining a strong massed unit.


Those halbs can come from barracks which are quicker cheaper and easier to make. You can easily hsve 6 barracks for every fortress

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I understand that it hurts to see ur favorite unit’s pop doubled, but it needs to be done for the sake of keeping the game balance up to max pop level.

Besides, this only is in ur favor since u now have more variarity of units and don’t have to feel that ur best choice is to only spam that one best unit.

So there is really no downside of changing the unit pop a bit

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Wtf!? Nobody here called war elephants their favorite unit. If anything, we keep saying how bad they are outside of super chokepoint heavy teamgames.

Where’s your expert game high elo proof pf elephant brokenness


they become too pop efficient when pop is maxed out and he has the ressources.
My proof is in deathmatches easily found

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You seem to be a self-righteous someone you can’t argue with. I can tell that from my experience in this thread. Please tune down your attitude. Please calm down…

Halbs dont require gold, cost lower resources overall, have a lower training time and you can spam barracks to spam halbs. In the mean time you need castles for war elephants, the cost much more gold, have a higher training time and you need castles. You already do not see war elephants that often. It is already not worth making them in most cases. They dont really need any nerf.


All u say here is true.
However, this doesn’t matter much once the ressources are there to create enough castles and mass produce expensive units.

But outside of DM, that’s rarely the case. And DM is so small that it’s basically irrelevant to balance. And 400 pop DM games are even less so.