POpulation display should show including the number producing

AOe2 Population display(or panel) look very strange and nonintuitive
I think

If i have three vils and Queing 1more vil.,
The population should be 4, but aoe2 system doesnt counter producing one.
It is very nonintuitive so that So many users are confused their actual pop-limit and many time reach limit. cant build units anymore.

Please make it nintuitive and help us to not reach pop-limit

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I have never been confused about this and this suggestion feels non intuitive to me.
So it seems up to personal preference.


No, Only AOE2 have strange pop

No, the pop is fine

You can see how many units are being made now

Check the top left next time you play…

EDIT: I wrote this under the impression that OP was talking about the counter in queue.

I agree with OP and have brought it up in the past. In queue it doesn’t count the villager which is currently being produced. This doesn’t make sense.

I want to know: how many villagers will come out. If my BO says: 3 more to wood, I want to see the number 3 in my TC. Not 2 as it currently is.

I don’t want to know: how many villagers will come out after the one currently being produced. This is of no use.

When people complain like that about these things, all the proper complains lose some of their strength.

It shows how many villagers you have at the specific momment. What is more “intuitive” than this?
If you change it to the way that it’s suggested by OP, would it show +15 pop if you added 5 on queue from 3 tcs? Would it also be applied to military units (Because it wouldn’t be intuitive if it didnt, since it would use a different mechanic to count vills/army). Let’s say you have 10 barracks and you queue up 15 militias on each. That’s 150 extra pop. Queue up 15 vills from 6 TCs. Another 90 pop. The UI now shows 270, even though you have 30 vills and 0 army . How is that intuitive?

It feels wrong even responding to this… :smiley:


i prefer to see my current units number instead of both producing. your idea which is performed on the aoe3 confuses me much better. for example my pop shows 200 however i only have 120. it counts the canons, musks cavs which are not in the field they are in que and not effective for me they are only virtual.

Starcraft 2 sort of has this feature for building units and workers iirc. To balance it out (yeah), SC2 don’t flash population area when you are near it. AOE2 does not have that design I think mostly because every unit takes one pop, so going over pop is slightly less likely than in SC2. To balance this out, when you are about to hit pop cap, the population area will flash.

Imo a better way is to scout ur top left corner more often and build houses proactively. Or just play Huns all the time because yeah. :joy:

all guys are misunderstanding my ideas(Just same as SC, SC2)
He did say 10 barracks and 15 milita each -> 150 pop

ARe u kidding?

10 barrack and 15milita each -> only 10pop
cuz only producing one is countered, Reserved one not.

So 10barracks + 15milita each

  1. We IF I have 30 pop
  2. show only 10 ->10/30
  3. Second low start producing +10 -> 20/30

And 4) is important

3Third qued one are producing, 10 milita

Current aoe2 -> 20/30 (But 10 producing can’t display)
Proposal one(SC,SC2) -> 30/30 (We can know Full limit when they start producing)

In proposal condition, We can easily prepare When do we make new HOUSE.

SO we knew now

Aoe2 pop system is very impratical to know when we make new house

Especially My rank 1vs1 1800, 4vs4 2700
Thanks all

I completely understand your suggestion, but i feel this new way of counting pop is very counter intiative to me. I have never been confused about the current number at all. That something is different to other games, like SC2, doesnt mean the current settings are bad.

In the end it is just personal preferences. I think most users are just used to the current system. The new system feels just weird to them. But i can understand that if you are playing SC2 and go to this game, it feels weird for you and you would prefer the SC2 system.