Population Limit gets down to 190

Game Version: 101.101.34793.0 4597979
Platform: Steam


population limit sinks down to 190 from 200. it slowly gets down 1 by 1 each couple minutes or so and ends with 190. it shows 190/ 200 but no units are being produced. when f.e. 185/200 only 5 buildings produce. pop bar blinks like it would when 200/200 and units are in queue.

Reproduction Steps:

tested on normal maps, custom maps, special maps, happens late into the game ( ~ 45 minutes, obviosly pop limit needs to be reached), nothing special done, happened several times, just by normal playing vs extrem ai, 4vs4 each time, civ doenst matter it seems. doesnt seem to apply to the ai (see screenshot).

there are games, where this doesnt happen, dont know why

as you can see, im 190/ 200, multiple units in queue, but nothing is being produced at this moment. other ai has 199/200 ( reached 200 several times).

didnt test in multiplayer.

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