Port Mercenary Contractor redundant?

So the new age up politician the Merc Contractor is available on age 3 and age 5, the age 3 version for Port grant them Ronin and Lil Bombard, but the Homecity Dance Hall card also grant them Ronin at Saloon. So compared to other nations that have Merc Contractor + Dance Hall, Port only got 2 merc instead of others 3.

My suggestion is either to change the age 3 version of Port Merc Contractor from Ronin to another unit (I prefer Swiss Pikeman, Stradiot, or Black Rider) or change the Dance Hall card for each faction from Ronin to other merc that is also available from the Church card in this case of Port it will be the Tower and Sword Rider (cool name), for Brit the Black Watch Highlander, for Dutch the Waardgelders Stadiots, etc.

Now a question for the Age 5 version of Merc Contractor. If I’m playing on any map and the Saloon provide Mameluke for age 3 and Elmeti for age 4, does the Mameluke then receive the 35% extra dmg/hp since they’re technically an Age 4 merc, or they receive the 50% extra dmg/hp since on that map they spawn in age 3? Or regardless of the available age from the Saloon the game will follow the rule of the age the merc is normally available in this case Age 3 for Elmeti, and Age 4 for Mameluke.