Porting to Return of Rome is NOT possible!

What did you change FE? Is it the scenario version in the header? I need an explanation so the community can start porting over the original campaigns instead of designing everything from scratch. This is a major letdown.

Try porting over any original .scn or .scx, .aoescn or even older .aoe2scenario files - nothing is recognized in the Editor menu where you can select which scenario to play in Return of Rome. And yet, all of these scenario types do work and are recognized in AoE2DE without any issue whatsoever. Only scenario’s made with Return of Rome (using the .aoe2scenario type) work and show up in the Scenario list.

I am enjoying Return of Rome but you could at least have told us about this in advance! :face_exhaling:

You think they broke the compatibility on purpose?

I certainly hope not. Makes no sense to do that, but they could have done so.

Take a look to the uncompressed hex file

How to decompress a aoe2scenario file?

Take a look here


To see if it’s compatible, look for the terrain section. If it’s similar, there’s a chance that support can be added via third party. If no, then bummer

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