Ports should have cheaper villagers instead of gathering bonus

Ports are a special civ that any change towards them have potential to change the way they are played. The unintentional cheaper villager change was reverted but it wasn’t the ideal way to rebalancing them. Current port economy is still struggling to deliver enough units and cheaper vills would add a better dynamic for the civ as ports are also one of the harder civ to play. Hopefully the %5 food gathering bonus will be replaced with cheaper vills to have a fairly balanced civ.

I don’t know. Portugal is one my favorite civilizations, but honestly, cheaper villagers seems a little extreme.

I think that having 2-3 town centers for free, and putting all of them to train villagers that are cheaper than the other civilizations counterparts, will make they villager count grown excessively fast, which will probably ruin the balance on team games and treaty games, where Portugal is already a pretty strong civilization.

Could you please elaborate more on what you say is about they not delivering enough units? I can spawn considerable amounts of musketeers or/and hussars on age 2, and I even have been playing with the idea of rushing my opponents, since seems like everyone expects a Portugal player to slowly boom his economy.

If you worried about using too much food and cutting off your fast villagers production, you can always base your army on mercenaries, so you can produce both army and villagers. (Just make sure you have lots of coin shipment from your home city if you are doing this strategy)

And with the colonial militia card they can even spawn 2 sets of minutemen on each one of they town center that they get for free, to beef up your army if you are in a particularly bad situation.

If the idea is to improve they a bit, I would go for less drastic changes. For example, always annoyed me the fact that they don’t have Hussars shipments. I think their church unique improvements are a bit overpriced (Even with the reduction of 2.400 wood to 2.000 for the besteiros). Also, no stonemasons card? Ah c’mon, they would combine so well with that improved wall card.

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