Portugal: Mercenaries question and some suggestions

A Melee Explorer/Leader would be historical as it can get, as the Knights would prefer to engage in close combat for honor and glory, and it would not step on the toes of other European factions.

I think organ gun is a compromise, maybe a left over unit from AoE2 to quickly identify the nation in question.

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On the contrary, the OG was on AoE3 before it was on AoE2.
The African Kingdoms expansion for AoE2 launched years after AoE3 did, and Ports already had OGs in AoE3 since the beggining.

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Ah! Today I learned.

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Are those mercensries from the mercenary contractor or do you mean just in general them having access to them like all other Europeans and Asians?

The mercenary cards 9 Barbary Corsairs, and 5 Mamelukes, should be replaced with more accurate Asian Mercenaries, such as Ronin, Yojimbo, Tiger Claws, War Elephnats, Manchus…

That is what is meant.
Portugal did not really hire muslims as mercenaries, or for any military position, really.

Dont they already have the ronin card tho?

They have Passage to Nippon, but they still should replace the Barbary Corsair and Mameluke cards, for the sake of historical referencing, like they did with the Hauds or the Lakota.

They should also really make the following changes:
-Encomienda Manor changed to Fazenda Manor
-Jinete changed to Ginete
-Cassador changed to Caçador

“Encomienda” and “Jinete” are spanish, not portuguese, so it is the wrong language outright.
“Cassador” is improperly spelled, for reasons unexplained, the correct spelling being Caçador (Hunter), whose mother word is Caça (Hunt).

They should also really consider removing the Barbary States Revolt from Portugal, and giving it to the Ottomans.
Portugal already has enough Revolution options as it is, and we never occupied Algeria, or even revolted in it.

Spain, France and the Ottomans all occupied and ruled the Barbary States, so it would be far more proper to one of them, specially the Ottomans and French.


The historical referencing point is spot on.

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