Portuguese Logistician Bonus - Any use?

Hey guys,

Do you think that the Portuguese logistician age up bonus can be worth it in any possibility?


  • Commerce Age (II) Infantry gain +1 range and can be recruited from Town Centers

If it affected caçadores I would even consider it but only age II infantry doesn’t seem worth it.

it affects musketeers, portuguees are tied with british for the strongest european musketeers, with this politician you will outrange british musk and get the first shot in, this can be a huge difference in a battle if you manage to kill like 2-5 musk with the first volley. late game when your gold runs out you can use cheap crossbows to help defend while you save up for plantations.

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This age-up seems particularly weak. Maybe if it was +2 range (not including Cassadores) and gave like a house or two (maybe TCs now provide 20 population instead of 10…) it would be good.

It helps Crossbows and Musketeers, both of which are Royal Guard units for Portugal, so yes, it is a great choice.

Actually I read somewhere that Pikeman have also plus 1 range, do you thing it makes any difference?

It actually does, it allows pikeman to slow units with their snare ability for much longer.
it also allows them to get the first hit on cavalry much more consistent.

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I saw here a very interesting summary of the Portuguese Logistician.

Bottom line, it’s really not worth it. Unless you want to do a surprise early atack that is a suicide if it does not go well.
Generally its better to go with quartermaster

I use Logistician in a deck that revolves around mass Crossbowmen and Pikemen in Age 2. The extra range does make sure your Crossbows and Muskets win any trades the enemy brings up.

JanOli, could you please share your build order?

The thing you forgot to mention is that portuguese get a town center wagon every age up. So you can send a town center wagon as a forward base and train units from it while you keep your original base producing troops. If you send some settlers with it they can garrison in it and open fire like a blockhouse if your opponent tries to burn it down. Portuguese also get the best crossbows in the game, with Bestiero upgrade from the unique church improvements and royal guard from the upgrade to industrial age. But your games typically don’t last that long and if they do usually you stop producing crossbows by that time. I see this MOSTLY being some use in early game raiding and rushing, but if you want to stick to crossbows the whole game and keep your gold for other things like artillery or dragoons this might be of some interest to you as it keeps crossbows as an option for a later point in the game.

Build a House, and get all your starting Vills on Food. Train more Vills until you have 10, while setting all the new ones to Wood.
When you hit 10, send all into Food, and get 2 more Vills, send those to Wood.

By then, you should have the 900 Food to Age Up.
When aging, build a couple more Houses if you can.

When you get to Colonial, send your second TC forward to around middle of the map, near a Mine.

Start training Musks and Crossbow from nit, while sending the Vill shipments to it, for the Gold.

Harass, Age Up with Mercenary Contractor for Little Bombards. Then Age Up again with Papal Guard for Ordinance Besteiros, which just flat out murder normal Skirms.