Portuguese Navigator card: Out of the Box suggestion

The OG Navigator Card gives the following:
The Explorer gets +50% hit points and attack, and +6 radius for his Spyglass ability; also ships an Explorer Dog

But historically Portuguese Navigators were also Military leaders, members of Military Orders like the Order of Christ or Santiago, like Vasco da Gama, Francisco de Almeida, Afonso de Albuquerque, just to mention the most famous ones.
So why not change the Navigator card a bit?
Remove the explorer dog, give the Navigator a greatsword (montante) buffing his multipliers against light infantry and cav like a Landsknecht, and buffing the military units around him with some sort of bonus, like a war chief bonus for example.
Ranged attack vs critters could be halved in range and use a pistol animation for example.

Edit: Or the Navigator Card could sent the a Navigator instead of buffing the explorer.


Well it since the US of A has a General/Explorer, imma bring this suggestiong of mine back for the Ports.