Possibility of Battlepass / Warchest

Personally I believe the game is designed to host a battlepass or warchest (basically the same thing). The use of daily quests and the fact that exp does nothing but grant you a portrait border; probably means there will be added content running off of this system. For those who don’t know what a warchest is, it’s basically a series of rewards you can purchase for the chance to unlock by simply gaining exp. This would not only fund the game further, but it would fund official tournaments, and offer us banner unlocks and unit skins. Come to think of it, banners and statues could possibly be another incentive for this. Personally I don’t have anything against a warchest or battlepass, they do offer some free items for the community, as long as the items are cosmetic only.

What do you all think? Possible battlepasses? Would you all be ok with that or no?

  • Warchests? Sure!
  • Warchests? Nah.

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No Battlepass !
I’m against it.


I don’t feel really either way, I am not clamoring for a battlepass, but I wouldn’t mind seeing it. Care to elaborate on why you don’t want to see it introduced to the game?

Seems more of a thing that cod players need to keep them playing the game, I think the core aoe playerbase play it because they fein the gameplay and competitiveness. Theres also an issue of what they can add, personally I dont really care about banners, portraits etc, I mean sure add some more but thats not content in my eyes, it doesnt change anything in the actual gameplay.

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Fair points, I remember loving the purifier Protoss skins from the warchest, but didn’t really care for the call of duty battlepass. Maybe it’s because cod felt soulless?

It was just one of the only games ive played that actually has a gamepass haha, maybe unit skins could work altough the fact that every civ already has the units reskinned for them would make it hard to come up with new desings that arent wacky

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No please! keep moba stuff out of RTS, all I want is 2 expansion packs and not a single DLC

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I’m for it simply because the people that enjoy that content will help continue to fund development and keep the game supported with the additional revenue that such features would bring.

If done right it would not affect the core gameplay, and the devs that would work on this kind of content would be separate teams than those working on bugfixes and balance, so no reason they can’t co-exist.

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not for 60$ in a week after release

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Yeah lol, I would be shocked if they tried something on par with EA, it just feels as if all the building blocks are there. I mean why have a level up system if you are not getting rewards or lootboxes.

So you’re asking corpo to pull more money out of your pocket to long-term support a game that already costs 60€ one time or 12€/month (gamepass).
How should we call this? “Consumer-stockholm-syndrome”?

They already sold us 2 icons for 20€ in the special edition. They will definitely keep selling overpriced icon packs and later civs. You will get your fix, one way or another.

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