Possibility of enhancing the ability to join ongoing matches?

My rig is a bit old but its specs run fine for all of the ages, unfortunately it does crash(my computer) more regularly than I would like. These crashes lead me to being booted and kept out of my games. Is there a possibility that one day there will be the opportunity to rejoin ongoing matches?

Edit: Most match disconnects I care about are matchmaking with friends, even if I miss ECO for a minute or so, I don’t love letting my whole team(3v3, 4v4) down.

ill be honest and say no, if you disconnect for a minute you lose the game. its also just a lot of tech to do just to add a rejoin button where you have lost by the time you reconnect anyhow.

there is however the save option, where its possible to rehost a game from a save. or at least it should be possible, never tried it myself.

Aoe3, in reality, has a reconnection feature that works if you, for example, lose connection for around 40 secs… It will try to rejoin and will succeed if your net comes back.

that is not really the same as what OP is asking for, OP is asking to completely rejoin the game, not for the game to pause while waiting for laggers (which lets be honest, how often have that ever helped?).

Cant you just reload an out of sync game already?
Honestly if its a lobby just ask everyone to pause have host save and reinvite load and resume.
Its doable but archaic and not like legacy where you could wait for rejoin

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Not when someone is lagging, even when someone drops, the game will attempt to reconnect for that player ( try it yourself, turn off your wifi/lan when playing ) and usually it succeds when the reconnection time is within 40 secs.

What OP is asking isn’t this but a similar behaviour that allows you to rejoin when the game client crashed.

Mind that the game already tracks upon reopening the client, if you were/are playing a match but when the client closes, drops you out of game, making it a pointless tracking. So perhaps an attempt of the implementation was tried but never finished.

Actually, I believe he wants to be able to rejoin after his game crashes on his end. I’ve had this happen to me before. The game keeps going for the other players.

Having said that, by the time the game reboots you have probably lost at least 50% of the time even if rejoining was possible. If it’s early game and you age to age 2 like 90 seconds late then your team is probably done for. If it’s mid game you probably lose your military or your defenseless vills if your opponent knows it’s possible you could rejoin. If it’s late game and walls cover the map than maybe your team can hold things together until you get back.

I’d imagine they’re is a technical reason that would make this hard to do given what you gain.