Possible bug in Enhanced Graphics Pack

Age of Empires 2 DE

  • PLATFORM: Steam /AND Microsoft Store
    Windows 10 / and also Win 10 on Mac

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Here is the problem I’m experiencing…

Persistent problem with low res graphics
Can’t get app to show in 4K
BUT - Recently noticed I CAN get 4K if I SKIP the Enhanced Graphics Pack install
If I Install all the way, best resolution appears to be 1280

Searching for a solution I thought I’d try the Steam version
Steam ALSO skips the Enhanced Graphics Pack (only ~12.5 GB installed by Steam)
Maybe Steam knows something I should know
Is this a known limitation of the Enhanced Graphics Pack???

Guess I can live with it but seems odd that “enhanced graphics” gets me 1280 instead of 3840.
I’d really like the full package to work as it should but low resolution is a stiff price to pay for the full package! I’ll work without the enhanced for now until something better comes up
I can’t be the only user who’s having this issue.

I’d like to know if a fix in in the works or just live with it. Is there a fix already available that only some users might ever need? Please advise on any such already-current fixes that might exist

Thanks all!