Possible bug with tech tree(when scrolling right or left keeps jumping back to a certain area of the tech tree)

Anyone else experiencing this or is a button on the keyboard malfunctioning? The tech tree remains still when not scrolling. Appears to happen regardless of where I access the tech tree and only in the tech tree.

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I saw another post about hotkeys jumping in the tech tree. I remember you said something about unbinding hotkeys. Are any of those linked to certain buildings around the area where the tech tree is stuck? For example, say you unbound the “Go to Archery Range” hotkey, and then the tech tree keeps getting stuck around the archery range area. Has anything like that happened?

I have the exact same problem, my Tech Tree is stuck in the University sector. What can I do to fix this problem, any suggestion its appreciated.

I found a solution, in my case the Tech Tree was stuck in the University area, I fix the problem changing the hotkey ‘Select All Universities’. When I entered in the Hotkeys tab I saw that i didn’t have any hotkey attached to ‘Select All Universities’. The default key in my case was ‘Ctrl-Shift-U’ but this is the same hotkey that I attached to ‘Select all Barracks’. My solution, as I said, was simply changing the hotkey ‘Select All Universities’. If your Tech Tree is fixed in another area of the Tech Tree, like the Castle sector or Barracks sector, simply see and change the hotkeys that is attached to this specific building and you will be fine. I think. I am not God.

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Hi guys,

If you have a Hotkey in ??? in Cycle commands tab, you will have this issue

Do not worry, it is tracked :heart:


Yeah, I have that for allot of buildings - tend to just manually bind them in-game

That is why. For some reason, when a key is unbound, in the tech tree, the game is considering it continually pushed, hence it always jumping to a certain point in the tree.

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Same issue as Goto hotkey within techtree is broken when hotkeys are cleared