Possible change for Atheism

Atheism is a pretty useless tech. Huns are a pretty decent civ on most open maps, but the only time the tech ever gets used is basically when either:
A) People don’t know what their doing, or accidentally click it
B) People have way too much res, and just want to tech in everything
C) The other player(s) either have lots of relics, or are going for a wonder victory
D) Some other unlikely event I haven’t thought of

So, what if Atheism got buffed? I’m not going to worry about the cost, but what if it also meant that enemy monks took longer to convert units? That way, if the opponent is using monks to counter knights, the player can then possibly use Atheism to make their knights more effective. What do people think?

Or immune to conversions(all hun units)
On top of the current effects

Huns are one of the best civ on open map.Why they need buff? Atheism already got buffed in pretty niche way and Huns don’t need to be another Teutons or Sicilians.

This already exists and Huns already have it. It is called Faith

I proposed this a time ago, but it is a huge bonus, it should be paired with a ridiculous cost or a debuff effect to balance it like, idk, you can’t convert either

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Not like faith though. A permanent debuff for all enemy monks that stacks with faith.

So, if I’m Hun in TG and research your new Atheism, enemy monks will take more time to convert not only your troops but also, your allies troops?

Yes. Maybe increase the cost a lot though. I’m pretty sure monks aren’t that commonly used in TGs anyway.

But if youno rise too much the cost it will be innaccecible for 1v1, plus, Huns usually go CA, so… I don’t see potential in this idea

Balancing being inaccessible vs being useless I guess.

Just to add a use-case, I think I saw it researched for a Viper vs Hera super-late four lake game in tournament, it may help in the (long)-long term post-imp war.

(Admittedly it’s extremely niche use-case)

Its effect should obviously work in the late game theoretically, especially when the opponent is storing more relics. Ideally, for the maps competing relics early, such like Arena, it should be researched as early as possible to maximize the effect. Increasing the effect from -50% to about -66% or -80% may be acceptable.

I don’t think it should be changed so much, perhaps just make it cheaper and switch it into the Castle age. Marauders can be the Imperial one, or the Huns can be the only civ having 2 silver crown and no gold crown.

It should cost wood and food for sure.

Aside of that, while I do believe Hun post imp is relatively lackluster, I don’t think it’s “not good” enough to justify a pure buff to their composition, economy, or society so to say.

The inconvertible units is a cool concept, but what are we looking at in the UI now?

Atheism: Relic/Wonder victories take +100 years to complete, Relics generate -50% gold, All units are immune to conversions…

Shows bad design and lack of a general idea and goal for the tech, same as First Crusade.