Possible Colour changes for some campaign missions & historical battles?

Hi guys,

Some ideas I’ve thought about recently. Would it be possible to swap some player colours in a couple of campaign scenarios + historical battles?

My suggestions:

Barbarossa 1:

Bavaria as Cyan
Saxony as Green
Bohemia as Yellow

My reasoning is that Cyan & Green suit Bavaria & Saxony respectively as they are Royal Houses in AOE3. Although Cyan as Bohemia is meant to be alluded to in Jan Zizka, it does suit Bavaria as a colour for that region better. Bohemia as Yellow also has some continuity with Greater Moravia.

Barbarossa 2:

Poland as Purple

If Poles can’t have Red (indeed they face Teutons as Grey in their own campaign), then Purple is a close second

Another suggestion is to make the Teutons Grey for the whole campaign & swap the grey player where applicable. However, I think Red applies to Barbarossa’s power base in Franconia in Barbarossa 1, so Red is relevant.

Genghis Khan 5:

Poles as Red
Bohemians as Yellow/Blue
Teutons as Grey/Green

Again, having Poles as Blue doesn’t quite make sense, so it’d be good to change that. I think with having the 3 opponents as the RGB or primary colours still makes sense.

Ivaylo 5:

Magyars as Green
Poles as Red
Italians as Purple

Just a slight swap of the 3 player colours. Italians can also be Cyan, if Purple and Red are hard to distinguish as enemtly AI.


Magyars as Red
Coop Khabars player as Green
East Francia as Cyan
Bulgaria as Blue
Eastern Roman Empire as Purple

Having this as the only scenario for the Magyars and the faction colour is Cyan when the Civ shield is Red & white stripes? I think it would be good to have the main Magyar player as Red + Green Magyars as an allied player are seen in Dracula 5. The use of 2 stripes for the same Uzbek Army is also seen in Babur 2 (taken from the present day national flags). Blue Bulgarians matches Ivaylo & Purple Byzantines matches Bari.

If there are any other similar suggestions in other campaigns or historical battles that I’ve missed, do post here!


I really love your idea. Support!

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That’s a start! Again, it’s not completely well thought through, just some ideas for specific missions.

Another thing I wondered, why is Devapala Yellow when it is a Buddhist faith of the Pala Empire? Shouldn’t it be Orange like the Buddhist monks in Prithviraj 4?

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