Possible Forum Name Bug related to a change in July 2018

There might be a bug related to the username change from July 2018(Forums Username Changes), My forum name and another user, Cyclone(u/LegacyKestrel56) have the problem that the username doesn’t get updated to the one from our Xbox account. It still shows the old name.

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@DodoNotDoDo Would you be able to help BGdawjaw and Cyclone with their forum username issue?

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It should be resolved for Cyclone, just needs to log out and back in. I had already received a separate request for that one. For BG, it appears to match your gamertag (less spaces). So presumably it has since updated or was there a different issue with yours?

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My gamertag always had a space after BG, it just doesn’t seem to show on this website, it doesn’t bother me tho.

Also regarding Cyclone, I’ve heard back from him and he said that he cannot login to his account, he has no login option anymore. He can only create a new account (He created the account for 1 DE Beta).

Yeah, we remove spaces from the user names for compatibility, so that’s to be expected. I fixed Cyclone’s user account a different way so he should be able to log on now.

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He could login now, but his username is still the same, and hasn’t updated to his xbox one.

There is one issue with logging out and back in. If I log out, I can’t log back in. I did experiment and find that an incognito session asks for my MS login, but when I go to Log In on the existing session, it redirects to a sign up prompt that can be closed, and I wind up on the categories page not logged in. So how would I have to log out and log back in to get the MS login?

Try logging off the forums but then also go to https://account.xbox.com and/or https://account.microsoft.com and make sure they show you as logged off too. If you’re still logged on at one of those sites, log off there too. Hopefully that will clear things up and allow you to log in normally again. Or clear all cookies for all sites in your browser, should have the same affect but would also make you re-log in to any other sites you visit.


It seems to have worked! My name is changed above and the Microsoft URL when I refreshed it after a successful login here said “account.microsoft.com/?refd=forums.ageofempires.com”.

Thanks a billion, I think I might finally be OK now.


Great! Sorry it took so long to get that worked out.