possible idea for Age Of Empires II DE

I recently had an idea of ​​a possible DLC with 2 New Civilizations and new campaigns for Age Of Empires II DE even the name came to mind The Lords Of the Levant, a DLC with the Armenians and the Georgians
with 3 Campaigns 2 for the new civs and one for the Persians with the Sassanid Persians who give their opinion about it, leave your comment and have a nice day !!! Bye bye.

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How the new civs could are?

Georgians are rumored to be added

as long as they add new GAIA objects to the editor like Mountains, hills, cliffs, texture types, etc, i am down

Can we have other expansions outside Europe then we can go back to the remaining European civs?

I would love this.

I do hope we get Poland and Bohemia for Dukes of the East and then the next DLC Georgia and Armenia.

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