Possible Idea to temporary fix grouping

From a post I mean on Steam:

I am honestly curious if the devs have considered to just add a “no group formation” to test with. (Make it the default until you click a formation. Instead of Line Formation being the default. For testing purposes. All units just go directly towards the target/point separately in the selected group. Meaning, no averaging out the groups speed, locations, etc. Just: for each unit in selection/group, task them to the target/point individually until you reach the end of the group list.) I know there is limited options/buttons on the screen. It would be a good starting point.

edit: I know it exactly wouldn’t be a “group” then but, the idea would actually be pretty good. (In theory anyway.)

edit: For clarification sake:

Best way I could describe it in simple terms would be… “a Temporary Group that disbands into individual groups of 1”. Like if the group was 60, it would become 60 groups of 1.

I hope that explains it better.


You mean horde formation?


Uhh, Maybe? Best way I could describe it in simple terms would be… “a Temporary Group that disbands into individual groups of 1”. (I guess that is what you mean by horde?) Like if the group was 60, it would become 60 groups of 1.

I hope that explains it better.

I wonder from where that term comes from? Horde formation

It is already exis in aoe1 also warcraft has it. By the way vils walking with horde formation :slight_smile:


It cme with a beta version of age of kings.

From wiki.

  • The original The Age of Kings manual describes an additional option, “Horde”, that would allow units to move without formation, as in Age of Empires. It is unknown why this was removed, but it must have happened shortly before release.

The icon formation is still in the game files


I was not aware of this ‘horde’ formation. Thanks for clarification.

edit: I guess you are referring to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\AoE2DE\widgetui\textures\ingame\actions\044_.png”?

edit: ah I see… Unit formations | Age of Empires Series Wiki | Fandom

Here I am wondering how a new DE is unable to handle path-finding like CD or HD did. Just a reminder, an issue gone this bad must take a long long time to build up and surely will not take less than that time for us to notice a SLIGHT improvement.

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So I think part of the problem is actually by design.

The survivalist put out a great video comparing HD and DE. Putting aside the semantics of what is and isn’t pathfinding, basically HD tries to first have the units go toward the waypoint THEN get into formation, whereas DE tries to first have the units get into the desired formation (which often times results in some of the units going backwards) THEN going to the waypoint.

It’s especially awkward when the pathfinding isn’t perfect, cause units go in weird paths trying to get into formation but there’s 80% of a formation they have to get through, etc, etc, etc. HD because all the unit were moving was more forgiving. you were still going the right direction and cause units were moving they could better get through each other if needed.

There are more subtle things like HD let’s units in a group individually turn so the group can turn, whereas DE prefers this row-shuffle approach, where the front line has to stay the front line and the backline has to keep going a bit so it ends up behind the front line.

If you look at villager gather rates around crowded woodlines or lumber camps, or trade carts or cogs along a busy trade route, DE typically has higher gather rates, because of better pathfinding and collision. So on paper DE should feel better, not worse, than HD

Yes there are still bugs like vills taking the long way around buildings, or sliding through unpassable obstacles, sometimes now military units are teleporting. IDK what that’s about. So definitely problems.

But I think the big issue is that the devs have DECIDED they want units to behave differently than they did in HD and it just makes them feel less responsive. I think the impetus was to address some exploits from HD, like slower units speeding up to get into formation with faster moving units, etc, but it also ended up making units feel less responsive.

I really think 80% of the complaining would disappear if they went back and did the “go then group” of HD. if a unit chose a weird path, it’d still be sub-optimal but it’d at least be going in the correct direction.

Pathing would feel generally good if sometimes buggy, instead of what we have now which is not good and also sometimes buggy.


100% agree, this is the most critical option in the tons of bugs this game has. DUDE IT WASNT BROKEN DONT TOUCH IT !!!
I’m a python programmer i can donate my time to fix this bug if you point me to some documentation and tools to edit the AOE2 DE code.

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The game is not written in Python though.
Do you know C and C++?

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i know the basics 100% willing to learn, to be able to fix this. 100% for free, the game is at a point it’s not fun any more.
Watch this:


¿??¿ that youtuber is from argentina. I’m from argentina aswell

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