Possible issue with Monks healing powers?

So, since the RoR DLC, I’ve noticed that monks no longer consistently auto-heal a damaged troop near them. Before DLC, I barely had to command the monk to heal a damaged unit, since they automatically healed anyone they could in a short radius. Now, even if the unit is standing in the same square as the monk, at times, I have to force the monk to heal them resulting in extra clicks. This is only happening in the AoE II part of the game and not in the new AoE I part of it. Has anyone else run into the same issue, or can tell me how to get the monks to start auto-healing troops near them?


Hi I am experiencing the same issue. Monk will not heal units automatically so I have to force them to do it, whereas they used to heal units automatically before the last aoe2 DE update. I am wondering how to bring this to the attention of the developers to get the bug fixed.

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Hello, Same issue here…

Forgot where I read it from, but it seems that if you have any burning buildings or burning siege weapons the monks stop auto healing. I don’t know how this is related to the monks but anytime I put my monks near them while they’re damaged they stop healing. Of course if I delete or repair them all they will work normally again, but that’s a lot of trouble to go through, I don’t want to drag villagers around all the time. The only other way is to force them to heal which takes attention away from you again.

I’ve seen the issue without burning buildings as well and i believe it uas been noticed by the Dev team now since the June patch fix details have monk auto healing glitches as part of it