Possible Sicilians Team Bonus Changes(feel free to suggest)

Currently the team bonus is that the first transport is free.

my suggestions that it may be changed to:

  1. Monastery Technologies cost -25%
  2. Monks +5 LOS
  3. Monks +3 Conversion Range
  4. Unique Units +3 LOS
  5. Infantry +5 attack vs Archers.
  6. Conversions of Buildings happen at the same rate as a regular unit.
  7. Town Centers gain +2 attack

Feel free to suggest changes below.

My suggestion: The first Transport Ship is free and created instantly.


The first transport ship is free and not produced istantly

Monks bonus makes no sense, it’s not a monk civ (and Jesus Christ +3 conversion rsnge for free, are you mad?).
Tc with extra attack is a big nono, since you can’t dive them with kts otherwise.
Those infantry bonus are useless (except when drushing/doing m@a in the early game)


On a civ with no Redemption 11 finally a challenger to the Inca TB (I know it would still work for ally civs, but I think TB’s that dont benefit the main civ in any way are not good)


+3 conversion range and +5 inf attack vs archers as team bonus is too powerful. +1 conversion and +2-3 vs archers would be ok.

+3 conversion range for monks as team bonus is same like facing entire team of Egyptian priests in Aoe1 which is very dreadful.

Warships move 5-10% faster.

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How about Transport Ships having+100% LOS ?

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If someone ever says balance suggestions from this forum can be taken seriously I will send them this link
I dont know which is more broken



or This

Eagles 3 shotting xbow instead of needing 6 hits

+2 attack on TC also sesems too strong

The sicilians TB should stay on the transport ship theme, just not as now. The devs wanted a civ that could uniquely counter Italians, portoghese and vikings.

I personally would suggest to give them +6 line of sight more.

It might seem weak, but in reality exploring, seeing good spot for landings, spotting enemy ships and scouts first is a great bonus if that is your objective.

Then again, if +6 LoS isn’t enough, they could give back a bit of anti ship extra armor, or make the transport ships cost 50% less and being trained in 50% less time.


Because it is. Most LOS bonuses are pretty garbage, there’s only a handful of units and situations where you really get a noteworthy benefit. The early landing is a pretty fun idea. People have been complaining about Feitoria on Islands games. This is the perfect answer.

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It is not. It just a bonus that requires skill and actually attention and planning capacity from players.

The current bonus just let you do a landing whenever you decide to, without planning or anything else…

I mean I could have understood a discount, a faster TT… but free and immediately is borderline, it doesn’t make sense…

Think about it, the sicilians maybe have decided to try instead to contest water, it didn’t work out, suddenly they decided to go for a landing because they have lost the battle. Same thing around, the landing didn’t go well, suddenly you try to mass galley, because who cares, you didn’t spend anything on that landing.

Would it be at least free, but to train, or that train instantly, but you have to pay. At least this way it would still require some thinking to use such bonus.

Yeah it is. Most people can already use transport ships well enough for landing, so a bit of LOS won’t make much difference for most players.

Off the top of my head, there are only two LOS bonuses I’ve ever cared about:

  1. Mongols Scout LOS Bonus. Amazing for laming. You can either go lame really early, or you can quickly scout your own res and still have a decent chance to lame afterwards.
  2. Koreans villager LOS. Can be very helpful in Nomad games to spot resources that you might have missed with regular villager LOS.

Honourable mention to Magyars Archer LOS, it can be situationally helpful in archer vs archer matchups to avoid initial bad engagements.

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Because seeing more than a galley with fletching and so being able to avoid it useless…

Also you would have so much LoS that you could leave you scout on you island (so to not let you enemy know you are on his) and still find good spots for donjons, stables ranges and such.

I think that the mongols scout are more than just better are laming. Like, finding you resources soon, seeing the enemy scout first, seeing the enemy base sooner, and in general having more map awareness.

And the transport ship would be the scout of the sea.

And franks, which knights see about as much as a scout.

I prefer the current bonus. I think it’s awesome. It has the potential to upset civs that are currently picked for water. It’s also interesting in a way that it’s a one-time strategic decision whether to try and make use of it or not, since its effect gets more insignificant once players have developed their economies.

Strategic decision?

Why? When? What decision you have to make? You don’t have any drawback form using the bonus, you just click and you have a free unit without even wait a second.

Deciding when to use it? What is to decide? It’s a transport ship, you usually don’t need more than one in feudal age, and you can train whenever you want and that’s it. The biggest risk is to find yourself housed for 1 pop.

Train it in the dark age, castle age, feudal… It doesn’t matter you do it whenever you decide it with no advantage or disadvantage, since it’s the same thing.

At least I would prefer a transport ship that is 50% cheaper and trained 50% faster, that at least it would require some planning.

I agree on that, and it’s why the TB should remain about TS (or at least water), but I disagree on the how.

Like the other bonus, it doesn’t make you actually do something. Before the problem was that you just click from one point to another to do the landing, because who cares even if they found the ship, they couldn’t kill it.

Now the problem is that you have to be more careful about enemy ships, but you can do your landing whenever you want, even like as soon as you built the dock.

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Whether you will go for a landing or not (I suppose that with this civ it would usually make sense to do it, but I guess that ultimately, it’s up to the player)

So for that reason I like it. Also, because it has good synergy with the civ, you have some good options. If you can pop out some scouts on the enemy island, they’ll actually have to invest into defending it, since spears are half as effective. Or if you mine 50 stone, you can even drop 2 donjons.

Yeah but as I said, you can decide to not go for a landing, and then change you mind whenever you want, since you don’t have to spend resources or time.

Then you can go for a landing, and if ti goes wrong train galley or fishing ships right after, since you didn’t spend any wood or working time.

So how such decisions is meaningful from a planning prospective…

I want to have them a landing bonus, but not like this one.

Indeed. And that is why its a good bonus. Because the later you do that, the less 125W matters, so it’s not really that amazing if you do it very late.

Unless you are talking about late castle age or imp, the 125 wood and 46 seconds of dock idle time always matters.

And I could even train the ship with my first dock and just leave it there unti I need it, even just to grab the middle relic, or to not use it at all.

Again, there is no difference…

Sure it matters in any point of the game. But it’s clear that 125 wood is a lot more expensive in early feudal than even in early castle.

If you like to make units just to fill pop space and no other purpose, that is your call, but that’s definitely not the usual strategy for most players.

Do we have another example of a unit which is cost is 1 pop alone?

Because it is a ridiculous cost that we can even avoid to consider. Either that you have yet to train it, or have it and it’s there near the dock doesn’t change nothing. Apart from that 1 pop, it’s basically the same condition.

But the principle doesn’t change. That free unit is there, whether you train or not. It’s like having it from the start of the game.